Road Rage Incident Leads to Arrest of Lompoc Man

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Lompoc man for charges stemming from a road rage incident that occurred in Solvang. On Saturday, October 16, 2021, at approximately 7:13 p.m., deputies responded to a road rage incident near Mission Drive and Alisal Road. The suspect, who was in a silver Toyota Tacoma, reportedly pointed a firearm at the victim and then fled the scene.

Deputies responded to the surrounding area and located a vehicle that matched the suspect’s vehicle description in the area of Highway 246 and Purisima Road. Deputies conducted a high-risk traffic stop of the vehicle and ultimately arrested 27-year-old Sean Tyler Dukes of Lompoc, who was found in possession of a loaded 9-millimeter pistol. The pistol had the serial number removed and was loaded with a large-capacity magazine.

Dukes was booked at the Main Jail for carrying a loaded firearm in public (misdemeanor), possession of an un-serialized firearm (misdemeanor), possession of a large-capacity magazine (misdemeanor), criminal threats (felony), and assault with a firearm (felony). Dukes has since been released on $50,000 bail.


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  1. Gun people love to correct the misuse of “clip” and “magazine”. The difference is so slight as to be laughable.
    “A “clip” is a small metal device that bullets slide into. The clip is used to load a magazine that is internal to the weapon.”
    What a joke.

  2. VOICE – sure, make it harder, if not impossible to own this type of gun. Handguns are meant for 1 single thing only – killing humans. No need for that. Other civilized countries don’t allow them willy nilly, why should we? Time to grow up and get over the Second Amendment being a pass to owning whatever you want.

  3. That’s obviously taking it too far. I’m all for stricter gun control, but charging someone with the same crime because their gun was stolen or taken and then used to commit that crime is silly. Yes more stringent gun control and less access to certain weapons, but you cant charge someone with murder because someone stole their gun and then used that gun to kill someone.

  4. Wonder what the NRA has to say about the interference with our 2d Amendment Right to bear arms that comes with the demand that they have serial numbers??? Nothing the Founding Fathers said justifies that intrusion by the nanny state. When they have serial numbers they know who you are and what you might do and put you on the round up list when the Antifa take over. Beware.

  5. No lefty….This represents an IRRESPONSIBLE person in possession of a fire arm. Just like all the other irresponsible gun-toters out there like the gang bangers and dealers. Responsible gun owners (which is many of us great Americans) follow the law and respect the weapon as intended and certainly don’t cruise around with a loaded gun pointing it at people. All the hoops we jump through to own a fire arm legally will never stop a fool like this from doing such things. So your comment is mindless. Think before you type please.

  6. Steve O–you never will understand. People who don’t respect the rules are not known as people who don’t respect the rules until they don’t respect the rules. The pretense that such people are aberrations is belied by the number of gun deaths and gun violent acts in this nation every day. However, one suspects that you might identify the ‘good guys’ by some form of biased observation that would draw lines about who could and could not have a firearm. Better just to have reasonable rules like most of the civilized world that regulates where and when and what can be possessed by people not in the ‘well regulated militia’ that our Constitution contemplated.

  7. 9:41 – good to hear, but sadly, there are those who truly think this. They think the 2A was meant to say they can have whatever type of weapon they want, with zero restrictions. They are aching and yearning to fight the guv-rnmunt. I say let them.

  8. I will never understand the sick gun culture in our country. It’s gotten so much worse in the last decade. I never used to fear guns in California, growing up… now it seems every male has one. It’s just sickening. I hate guns. Now watch the anti-gun-control comments come in after me. It’s disgusting. How many people have to DIE before we do something about it?

  9. Rapists and murders don’t follow laws against rape and murder…….
    We don’t necessarily need new laws (other than banning more types of guns, but that’s for another day), we need to make those laws tougher. Make them sting. If you pull stuff like this, you go away for a long time, not just a few nights in County.

  10. It’s not a clip; it’s a magazine.
    The NRA used to be an organization that promoted forearms safety and education. Over the last four decades it, like the republican party, has mutated into a promoter of domestic terrorism.
    It’s time we joined the civilized world and enacted strong gun control nationwide. It will take decades to rid ourselves of the multitude of firearms, but it will be worth it.

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