Rite Aid on State Street Closes

By Greg

After about 50 years of there being a pharmacy/store at this location, it is now closed.   


Lots of memories here – back in the day with their 5 cents ice cream cones.



Written by greg

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  1. Yeah that’s really a function of the nasty environment that location has been allowed to become. Too bad. It was marginal all the way back in the 70’s and 80’s even, but not this bad. Now…stay away.

  2. The amount of urine and feces all over the area is astounding especially for a tourist destination. You can’t go to Marshalls without navigating vomit, poop, urine smells and drugs as you walk down the parking garage stairs. The truth is we as a community are allowing the homeless to shit all over us because a few codependent leaders have given their rights more weight than those that know how to be good citizens and know how to use the restroom. We have sick dysfunction homeless programs that everyone is afraid to speak up about for fear of being politically incorrect. In the meantime the city slides more into the toilet.

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