Rental Assistance Available for Residents

Source: City of Goleta

California’s COVID-19 Rent Relief Program is still taking applicants for rent and utility assistance. Income eligible renters who have experienced a financial hardship due to COVID-19 and have past due rent, or landlords who have experienced a loss in income because of unpaid rent, may be eligible to get financial assistance now through the CA COVID-19 Rent Relief program. Learn more and apply at or call 833.430.2122.

Santa Barbara County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program, in partnership with United Way of Santa Barbara County, has given out more than $13 million in assistance to Santa Barbara County residents who have been unable to keep up with their monthly rent payments due to COVID-19. In October, the Board of Supervisors is considering allocating more than $29 million in federal funding for additional rental assistance. Stay tuned for more information.

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  1. Who ever put the greed to automatically associate with the term landlord? Tenants demanding a below market, sweetheart deal at the landlord’s expense are the greedy ones. If someone rents or buys a housing unit, it is de facto affordable. Ergo, no such thing as a greedy landlord. Let’s just drop this automatic knee jerk slur every time the word landlord comes up. If State Street landlords in fact were greedy they would have already rented out their vacant properties to any quick buck unsavory operation you could name. And you never would be able to bring back this downtown retail area.

  2. BYZAN : Wait what? It’s the Landlords getting a sweetheart deal from renters under the guise of “market rates”. When do they go up? Does quality increase? No! When there’s a shortage they profiteer off the fact that housing is a basic necessity. They prey on tenants. There is no better term for it than outright greed. Own it!!!

  3. Yes the poor landlords making outlandish profits off struggling tenants, having the tables turned on them. Did they end up homeless off this hiccup in their finances?? Or did they just have to do with one less trip to Europe? Cry me a freaking river. Get a job like everyone else and quit preying off the struggles of others for your excessive tastes. It’s borderline ghoulish. You can thank the Government you likely voted against that you’re being reimbursed for it.

  4. Lina, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of the market. Willing buyer meets willing seller. You are describing something else entirely – which means any further discussion on this topic will go no where. Housing is a commodity – you buy and sell it. Or you apply for public and/or charitable benefits as qualified under law.


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