Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch title=
Love Island USA Season 4 contestants at Dos Pueblos Ranch (Courtesy of Peacock)
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By the edhat staff

Goleta's Dos Pueblos Ranch is the location of the newest season of "Love Island: USA," a dating style reality television show. 

The show follows a large group of attractive young singles, cut off from the world living in a remote "villa" and surveilled 24/7. Through various games and challenges, contestants must "partner up" for the chance to win the ultimate prize, $100,000.

The Dos Pueblos Ranch's Casa Grande building has been transformed into a television studio's idea of a "villa" with artificial grass, neon lights, and an 80 foot catwalk over a sprawling pool. According to the show's press release, the villa "sits on one of the most beautiful and historically significant sights in California. Tucked between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it has incredible panoramic views overlooking the Pacific Ocean featuring its own private and pristine beach. It is a private gated 214-acre oceanfront property."

The ranch was sold by the Schulte family late last year for an undisclosed amount, although previous listings valued the estate at $40 million. Roger Himovitz, a local developer known for the "glamping" luxurty of the El Capitan Canyon campground, has been the new owner since the start of 2022. 

The Independent first broke the story of the show's location and concern from neighbors and the Gaviota Coast Conservancy over disrupting wildlife due to nonstop fliming and bright lights on the ranch and at the beach below.

The season aired on July 19 with one new episode releasing each day on Peacock for a total of 27 episodes, ending on August 28. The episodes are only filmed about a day in advance, so viewers can vote and interact with the contestants in almost real time. Which means, the show will continue to air through the end of the month.

Below is a video of the Dos Pueblos Ranch "villa." Take a view and see if you recognize any local landmarks:

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Babycakes Aug 12, 2022 08:38 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Thank goodness that this TV series is being filmed waaaaaaaaaaaay out there is DP Canyon, which is approximately 15 miles from the SB city limits. My guess is that at some point they will film at places like the Bacara/Biltmore/San Ysidro Ranch/SYV wineries/etc. Our area is soaked with "LA" celebrities, especially Montecito. Unless one has no self-confidence, there's no reason to go all xenophobic on those who have zero impact on the rest of us. Reminds me of many local surfers around the world when they claim "these are OUR waves"....and you just might get beat up over it if you ever snake one of these surfistas because they are totally serious idiotas. MY waves. MY trails. MY city. MY bar. If you to at least pretend that you are a local, then act like a local at leave those people that you are sooooo afraid of alone. Those "LA people" may be from Italy, Canada, Iowa, or not assume everyone you don't recognize is from LA.

ChillinGrillin Aug 11, 2022 08:09 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Hating LA is SB's favorite long-standing pastime. The narcissistic, fake, selfish behavior of many people from there is universally hated, especially by refugees from LA. Hopefully the powers that be can hold off the tide of hideous people and buildings so we don't become a colony of Santa Monica.

Basicinfo805 Aug 11, 2022 07:38 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Maybe you like LA more than SB - do you see the essential differences? No, they’re not paying “our” taxes homey, we are. “Literally no impacts”? That’s your lol right there bud - take a look at the weekend 101 south. I do appreciate the Francis reference from Stripes, although I’m not psycho. Hey, it’s all good. You have your opinion and others have theirs about the LA influence on SB.

MarcelK Aug 12, 2022 10:42 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

"take a look at the weekend 101 south"

So you're driving south on the 101 on the weekend looking at all the other cars going "damn all these people from LA" ... amazing.

Tautologically, SB would be a nicer place if all the jerks left. Next time you're driving south, just keep on going.

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 09:08 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Basic, I'm talking about taxes collected on expenditures from tourists, bro. You're not paying for their hotel stays and purchases, and that money stays here. "Look at the weekend 101 South"--HAHAHAHAH!! What do you care how bad the traffic is going South, you'll never go there, right?

Like I said, people been coming here from L.A. for a lot longer than you've been here, big deal. Stop being a bitter loc.

Basicinfo805 Aug 11, 2022 02:41 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Alex, my comment was made to reflect an overarching trend of LA influence that has been in a real thorn in the side of SB residents (locals, born and raised) that notice the negative influence it brings from down south. If you haven’t noticed that you probably haven’t lived here long enough. SB is turning more and more LA. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker? If you lived here in the 70’s you should have.

“LA go home”

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 05:54 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

LOL, I've been here since the 70s. People from LA have been coming here for a lot longer than you've been here. That money is paying taxes to support your roads, etc., you literally have no impacts from them being there, lighten up Francis and put your time to making the community better.

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 02:32 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

BTW, would it be better as “Arthritis Island” where Boomers find Love—maybe. I haven’t seen the show and have no desire to, but I sure don’t care if other people like it or if someone shoots it here—these are good paying jobs in the State of Ca., doesn’t that matter too?

El Barbareno Aug 11, 2022 10:58 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Alexblue - You might want to recheck your film history and review that guarantee... :)
a) Hollywood was incorporated nine years before the American Film Company (the Flying A) moved to Santa Barbara.
b) By 1912, when the American Film Company came here, there were over a dozen film studios in Los Angeles and Hollywood.
c) With the possible exception of the exciting and highly informative "Midwinter Trip to Los Angeles" (filmed in December 1912 while the AFC was located in La Mesa, Calif.) the AFC did no major filming in LA, though occasional scenes were shot there.
d) When the AFC moved from La Mesa to Santa Barbara, they were obviously well aware of the other studios in LA and Hollywood but decided Santa Barbara had much more to offer.
e) Though I offered to glue a grey man bun to my balding spot, Love Island passed me over for a major role. So I'm hiring Barry Capello to sue them for age discrimination. Don't you think tossing in a few senior citizens would have added greatly to the show?

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 02:29 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Barb, ha, thank you for the fact check, interesting and appreciated. So people have only been making movies and “content” in Santa Barbara for 110 years, not exactly a new wave of LA posers coming here all
of the sudden—I think you get my point. If people want to talk about camping or what’s appropriate on private land on the coast I can see stand that, but the whiners getting fired up about a stupid show need to get a hobby.

KarmaSB Aug 11, 2022 09:17 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch what? it's private property. it's literally at the end of what we call our city/county boundaries in Santa Barbara/Goleta. It's remote. I have friends that live out there (The Orchid skate park). I don't see people crying about that. There is a massive skateboard park on private land. They have huge parties, bands, camping, whatever they feel like doing. Guess what? None of you (more than likely) didn't even know this has been going on for about 7 years or so. So why does it matter if another guy on the same property makes it an RV park? How many of you actually go to DP ranch frequently enough to where this is a problem in your life?

Sail380 Aug 10, 2022 10:00 PM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

I can see how that fits into the new owners vision to preserve the land and create partnerships with the community based on sustainability, education and restoration efforts.

At least that's what he said right after the purchase.

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 09:05 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

TMO, come on, there's a lot of outrage about the show, I read the Indie article. I don't know about the rest, but BFD on the show, it's just another piece of crap show among a whole lot of crap shows. Don't like it don't watch it, you know, freedom of choice.

tMo Aug 11, 2022 08:59 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

Pearl clutching?
The outrage is not that they're filming a television show. The outrage is caused by what the new owner said he was going to do, as opposed to what he is doing.
It's a badly kept secret that his big plan is to make the historic ranch an RV park, so more big city folks can come clutch our pearls.

Alexblue Aug 11, 2022 08:48 AM
Reality TV Series Filming at Dos Pueblos Ranch

It's funny because some of y'all "locals" don't seem to know your own history. People have been making content, a fair amount of it exploitive and risqué for over a hundred years in SB.

In fact I can pretty well guarantee you that hundred years ago there were a bunch of pearl clutching people in LA moaning about these damn Santa Barbarans coming to make their crappy movies in L.A. SB was "Hollywood" before Hollywood existed.

So calm down and let go of your pearls before your hand cramps up LOL

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