Realignment of Modoc Road Multiuse Path

By the City of Santa Barbara

Beginning on October 17, the City will begin realigning the roadway in preparation of the construction of the multiuse path south of Modoc Road connecting the City’s portion to Santa Barbara County’s Multiuse Path.

This realigning project may cause traffic delays daily between Calle De Los Amigos and Via Senda from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. October 17-21.

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  1. On Facebook and other discussion boards I’ve seen the Modoc Preserve “activists” openly support and praise Mike Stoker solely because he said he supports their cause. Solely. The dude who started the “lock her up” chant and believes in all the GOP lies. Ridiculous people, can’t take this cause seriously anymore.

    • 3:59- Why wouldn’t someone support a local politician that supported their cause? That’s the closest a person can get to supporting a cause. BTW, I think it’s Chris Christie who started that chant… Either way, the Clintons are golden. They NEVER did anything you wouldn’t do!

  2. This is about bike paths and saving the trees, not politics, I hope that as the elections get closer Edhat either leaves all political statements on or none. Censoring to their beliefs are not letting everyone point of view be heard. Let’s try to be nice and respect others point of view without being rude.we are becoming a mean society my way or the high way type of mentality. How did we let this get so out of control that families are enemy’s over politics.

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