Real or Plastic Grass at the Entrada?

By an edhat reader

Tomorrow [Tuesday] the City Council will hear an appeal dealing with the Entrada’s installation of plastic grass rather than real grass in a large open space.

It will be interesting to see if the City Council favors the use of plastic grass for real grass for this project and how this might affect other projects in the future.

For anyone interested in this, it is item 15 on tomorrows City Council Agenda.


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  1. I agree with Landshark.
    Private property – private decision.
    No wonder the City has no time to fix the streets or other problems. Next they will tell you what color to paint your bathroom – item 3 on next week’s agenda.

  2. Decades ago I watched as local governments in So. Cal. started “planting” plastic shrubs, grass and trees in medians as a cost savings effort. The turned pink and violet in a few years and were incredibly ugly–looked like planet Altair. Anyway, about a decade back we saw plastic “grass” come into favor again. It came apart at the seams, one couldn’t clean it without water and it cost bucks and land fill to remove. Let’s just accept that on planet Earth we should have a biologically appropriate environment. The only ones who seem to benefit from this continual plastic push is big oil and people who are conned into buying this inevitably awful product (often with government subsidies–ugh).

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