Possible Overdose in Parking Lot Behind Downtown Santa Barbara Library

Emergency medical response for possible overdose in downtown Santa Barbara parking lot (Photo by Geo Duarte)

Possible Overdoses in Lot 7 Parking Stairwell Behind S.B. Library.

At around 1:07 PM on Sunday it was reported that a man was having trouble breathing in the stairwell of Lot 7 behind the S.B. Library.

I witnessed the man crouching up against the wall on the second floor landing of the stairwell. His skin looked pale gray and his lips and face had a blueish color.

The male appeared to be in his mid to late thirties. He was wearing  a blue Pendleton style shirt  No drug paraphernalia was seen, just other personal items.

This man was trying really hard to take a breath. The S.B. Fire Dept. soon arrived and administered Narcan to the possible overdose victim. The condition of the man is unknown. SBPD arrived next, followed by an ambulance crew.

These overdose scenarios have become almost routine. They seem to occur in sequence, and in certain popular locations, as per scanner traffic.

Emergency medical response for possible overdose in downtown Santa Barbara parking lot (Photo by Geo Duarte)

Geo Duarte

Written by Geo Duarte

Geo Duarte is a volunteer scanner reporter for edhat.com. More reports can be viewed on Geo's Instagram page @Xtek_Overload

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  1. Not to say that this was drug related without more facts, but I do think Narcan is truly an amazing thing. Everyone should be aware of its availability and how to use it. If you have “party aged” kids, please teach them about it so they can possibly save someone’s life, maybe a friends. With fentanyl rampant and tainting just about every type of recreation drug, accidents happen. Do what you can to prevent them being deadly!

  2. Narcan is super easy to use and to save a life with. There are almost 2 overdose deaths in Santa Barbara County a week that are opioid related. You can call the SB Opioid Coalition at 805 681 5323 or fill out the Naloxone Now SB request form and you will receive it free of charge

  3. Downtown and other areas of SB have ABSOLUTELY gotten worse over the past few decades. It’s become disgusting, and that’s right at the top of the list of why people aren’t coming down as much and spending their time and money there. It’s pathetic.

    Say what you want about more and more handouts and enabling. We’ve heard it all before. Disagree completely.

      • 1. The death may or may not be an overdose.

        2. I put money on it no one will know who he is. And his identity is gone.

        3. His identity will be used by a foreign country to embed intelligence operatives or it will be sold to someone looking to move here.

        The powers that be may remove this comment. If so I understand. The problem is the public sadly does not. At some point some of this knowledge has to reach the public because our Country is in a very precarious state and very few people understand reality.

        If you wish me to elaborate I will do so.

        To make this stop the solution is not handouts. It is helping the people get the documents to prove who they are to do basically anything. People out here do not have mailboxes, a phone, identification etc. They can’t get off the street because they can’t prove who they are.

          • Yes and no. Many are. Some are not. Many become addicts because of the intense regular pain they are in and they can’t see a doctor. Even speed. While it is socially unacceptable. The lifestyle is extremely rigorous and requires an exceptional amount of endurance. Most have to continually stay out of view. For every one you see there are 50 you do not. Going to the bathroom can require as much as a mile of walking. A lot of homeless people smell like feces because of medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, prostate problems or other issues. They are not choosing to dedicate in their pants. They must find a suitably private location, accept a citation or just go in their pants if those two options are not available.

            Theft in general is a calculated process that goes in phases. Until they have nothing. No phone, identification, control of their social security number, no mailbox and no documents to prove who they are in order to obtain the documents or the mailbox.

            Because things are continually and constantly stolen. Many travel with everything they need in order to live at all times. Which is not conducive to obtaining employment.

            Charging a phone can be a 3 mile round trip requiring them to stand and watch while it charges. Many stop using phones altogether because they cannot replace the calories required to keep the battery charged.

            There are corrupt elements in our system who are facilitating this. Most likely unaware they are aiding foreign governments. Then there is the internal surveillance apparatus and abuse of those tools to label people so society will prevent them from working and they will be ran from place to place until they can no longer do so. Or are dead.

            Those who think they have found some kind of fountain of wealth and power through some of the “tools” at their disposal will have a very rude awakening in the near future when they realize the cost of their actions to National Security. For now they are permitted to pillage at will because they are just a piece of cheese to catch a mouse.

          • Many. Such as this man may have cash and food stamps and entirely unable to access any of it. Right now there are indications that it is potentially being facilitated by crime rings in Romania. Though indicators suggest it is many different countries with their own agendas.

              • It benefits organized crime through tax free untraceable revenue that can be kept active indefinitely by someone who has control of their identity. It benefits a foreign government because the person no longer has access to food and may die to allow their identity to be used by a sleeper cell, terrorist network or foreign spy to gather intelligence and conduct espionage.

              • It can also benefit those coming in from Latin America who buy identities off of the black market and can have starter revenue and food while they establish themselves.

                You are very right to be concerned about the situation. As are the powers that be. Because people who no longer have adequate food to replace the calories they expend, access to a bathroom, electricity and running water and are required to walk as much as 15 miles a day in their own feces to avoid being an eye sore for tourists and dinner parties can become unpredictable if they are trying to not die.

        • This is far fetched.

          I doubt that other countries are sneaking in intelligence officers using vagrant identities.

          Yeah, John Doe who dropped off the map 10 years ago and had a record of drug use is gonna get a job with the Navy or some government agency to get all the juicy secrets.

          Plenty of people allowed in here who would sell that info, take the guy who was selling Navy secrets to China a half a year ago. Born there, naturalized here. No “secret identity” needed.

          Please do tell.

  4. In no way do I condone illicit drug use, yet, it is a reality. I worry for our children. Accidental Od’s are frightening. Even “Marijuana-related-overdoses” are an issue (Kids flipping out because they did not know their minds were capable of such anxiety, etc.). Gummy bears laced with THC and other substances are an issue in todays free societies. (Imagine, surprise, YOU ARE NOW HIGH on something!) [sigh, eventually, and hopefully inserted here]

    I had to have the talk with my kids. A cookie or a brownie can take anyone to an accidental paranoid episode! Or worse, something like fentanyl. Even in the 2000’s a neighbor of mine was apparently adding Codeine to her weed-brownies. Why?? She then said ‘to take off the edge.” IDK—what the solution is.

    Here is a possible solution. Just like Saloon’s / Bars Historically had issues in the Old West with UNPREDICTABLE alcohol dosing! And, thus, deaths. Quite possibly, maybe we can somehow control the dosage issue here—real-soon-too…

    I was a DJ in night clubs for years. Bar’s regulated the dispensing of alcohol to individuals who had obviously had “Too-Much-to-drink.” ‘

    Substances’ are not going away, yet, many people are going away permanently, by perishing due to the chemical exposures!… Society will figure this issue out eventually, It is a sourcing, and manufacturing issue, as much as it is a human and moral issue. The legalities become irrelevant when human lives are being lost at such an alarming rate.

    Thank You first responders for your unrelenting efforts. Pharmacology producers, please produce the antidote in unlimited amounts for low or no cost. And, on a humorous crazy note, can we add NarCan to the water?? SMDH

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