Pop-Up Art Installation on State Street

Hurry to Catch “Runaway” on Exhibit Sept. 2-30

Source: Santa Barbara County

The Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture proudly announces a new Pop-Up Exhibition called “Runaway,” an innovative pavilion created by Greg Corso and Molly Hunker of the award-winning design and architecture collaborative, SPORTS. “Runaway” is on loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art and installed in the Historic Storke Placita located at 700 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara from September 2- 30, 2017. The opening reception is 5-7 p.m.Thurs., Sept. 7 at the Placita featuring the Grupo Folklorico Fusion Mexicano. The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Beautiful, with support from the Big Red Crane Company. For more information, go to www.sbac.ca.gov.

Corso and Hunker, whose work is inspired by the line between everyday experiences and the unexpected with a lively dose of curiosity and playfulness, designed “Runaway.” “Runaway” responds to the vivid light and colorful skyscapes of Santa Barbara comprising three bright, building block parts configured in different orientations throughout the three neighborhoods from which it is sited. The modular structure seeks to connect visitors to the natural landscape – and each other. By contributing bold, contemporary design to Santa Barbara, “Runaway” serves as an aesthetic catalyst and central meeting point for interactive contemporary art projects.

SPORTS is the award-winning multidisciplinary architecture and design collaborative of Molly Hunker and Greg Corso, based in Syracuse, N.Y. They approach architecture in a playful way by balancing rigor and research with amusement and curiosity. Deeply engaging, their work promotes fresh and unexpected experiences in the built environment. Since forming in 2010, SPORTS has designed and constructed a number of large-scale architectural installations and pavilions around the country.


The Santa Barbara County Office of Arts & Culture is a Division of the County’s Community Services Department, serving as the local governmental umbrella for arts and culture projects and programs within Santa Barbara County. The Office represents a longstanding partnership between the County of Santa Barbara and the City of Santa Barbara. For over 30 years, both governments have shared resources and staff to maximize support for Santa Barbara arts and culture institutions, programs, initiatives and projects.

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