Police Remind Motorists to Lock Vehicles

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By the Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department would like to take a moment to remind you about an important matter that affects many of us—vehicle security and preventing car theft. Every day, the Santa Barbara community relies on their vehicles to get to work, school, and other essential destinations. But sadly, car theft continues to be a concern.

One simple yet effective way to protect your vehicle is by locking it. Always remember to lock your car doors, even if you're making a quick stop. Thieves often target unlocked vehicles because they provide easy opportunities.

Do not keep a spare set of keys, important vehicle paperwork or valuables inside your vehicle. While officers were conducting vehicle theft investigations, it was revealed that many of the stolen cars had been unlocked with a spare set of keys in the glovebox.

Please encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to lock their cars. Together, we can build a strong network of watchful eyes that deter criminals and keep the Santa Barbara community safe. By taking a few extra seconds to lock your vehicle and encouraging others to do the same, you contribute to a resilient community against car theft.

We still need your help! If you notice any suspicious subjects or suspicious activity around parked vehicles, report it immediately to the police – call 9-1-1.

By looking out for each other, we can create a safer community for everyone.

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FondofSB May 17, 2023 06:15 PM
Police Remind Motorists to Lock Vehicles

Nice society:
Don't go out anymore
Don't wear a bag
Don't put jewelry on
Don't park your car
Put extra locks on your doors
Wonderful situation !

sacjon May 18, 2023 02:05 PM
Police Remind Motorists to Lock Vehicles

FOND - wowzers, it must be terrifying to wake up every morning with that much fear. Hey, locking your car is a pretty standard practice all over the world, since car manufacturers first installed locking doors on cars in the 1950s, so I wouldn't fret too much.

Voice of Reason May 18, 2023 02:22 PM
Police Remind Motorists to Lock Vehicles

That's rich coming from the 'climate change will kill us all' and covid hysteria crowd that thought people who didn't wear masks were grandma killers and wanted people who didn't get a vaccine (that didn't stop transmission) were a dangerous threat and should be excluded from society.

sacjon May 18, 2023 04:38 PM
Police Remind Motorists to Lock Vehicles

VOICE - yes, there IS a difference between single and double quotation marks and, not surprisingly, you're entirely WRONG in what you think it is. Actually, they are intended to signify a direct quote, but within a quote. This is tough I can see, so here's maybe a better explanation:

"In contrast to double quotation marks, single quotation marks only have one purpose: They replace double quotation marks inside of other quotation marks. This is typically seen in quotes within quotes, such as when you’re quoting a person who’s quoting another person.

The speaker told us, “Whenever I’m feeling down, I remember what the poet Rumi said: ‘You are not one drop in the ocean. You are the ocean in one drop.’”" --- https://www.grammarly.com/blog/single-vs-double-quotes/

Come on man.

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