Perseid Meteors and More?

Perseid Meteors and More? title=
Perseid Meteors and More?
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By Chuck Cagara

August 13 and 14, 2020

Each year I enjoy viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower and always hope to capture a few on camera.

Conditions were not ideal this year since I was not able to journey to a dark-sky site and were further limited by a combination of light pollution and intermittent cloudiness.

We did manage to see a fair number and include this one, as it was the biggest and brightest, at least during the actual times we were viewing and/or photographing.  This was captured during the "peak" at 12:50 a.m. on Thursday the 13th.

Interestingly, we also captured an unusual aircraft flight pattern as seen in the photo with numbers from 1thru 10.  The photo is a composite of ten images take between 11:45 and 11:49 p.m. on Friday night (8-14.)

The numbers indicate the direction of travel from start to finish while the small gaps represent 8-second intervals between the time one photo ends and the next begins.  The photos were 20-second exposures.

Unlike a typical aircraft flight path which is seen during a time exposure as a straight line with intermittent red or green "dots" as the lights blink, this craft exhibits an odd flight pattern including two 180° turns as it moves through the night sky. The camera was on "auto pilot" at the time these exposures were made so I was not able to be outside to hear the sound of the craft, be it fixed-wing or rotor.

The detail photo also shows an arrangement of lights which I had not seen before.

So, all you Edhat nite-owl sleuths, weigh in with your theories as to its origin... of this world or another...?

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tagdes Aug 17, 2020 10:17 AM
Perseid Meteors and More?

The Air Force just released several recent UFO sightings in southern California.......the truth is out there....

macpuzl Aug 17, 2020 02:36 PM
Perseid Meteors and More?

Definitely an aircraft of earthly origin, unless aliens miraculously conform to our navigational lighting conventions for red and green.

John Wiley Aug 18, 2020 12:55 PM
Perseid Meteors and More?

Nice pix, Chuck. Thanks for sharing. So #2 & #3 represent 40 seconds plus a short gap between exposures? One minute 360s is pretty fast for most piloted vehicles other than aerobatic or slower types like a Piper Cub. Maybe a drone, since the overall track is meandering and many (all?) of those also have standard color and white nav lights.

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