Pedestrian Dies Three Days Later from Vehicle Collision on Upper State Street

Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
March 17, 2022

On March 14, 2022, around 8:30 pm, the Santa Barbara Police Department’s Combined Communications Center received a report about a serious traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian that occurred at the intersection of Broadmoor Plaza and State Street.
Officers, Fire Department personnel, and AMR Paramedics responded to the scene. Once first responders were on scene, they determined the pedestrian suffered serious injuries, and was transported to Cottage Hospital Emergency Room for medical treatment.
Initial investigation revealed the pedestrian, identified as Justin Howze Juniel, a 40-year-old Santa Barbara resident was attempting to cross State Street from the southwest corner of the intersection to the northwest corner, when he was struck by a vehicle traveling east on State Street.
Due to the seriousness of this collision, the SBPD Critical Accident Reconstruction Team responded to the scene to investigate further. The roadway was closed to vehicles for several hours following the collision.
On the afternoon of March 16, 2022, Santa Barbara Police Investigators were notified that Juniel had succumbed to his injuries. His death was determined to be a direct result of the collision that had occurred several days prior.
The cause of this collision is still under investigation and DUI does not appear to be a factor.

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle on Upper State Street

By Geo
March 14, 2022

At around 9:03 PM on Monday night according to several witnesses, two males attempted to cross the street assuming the next lane was clear to cross in the direction of a local convenience store (near State Street and Broadmore).

As it turns out a vehicle apparently having a green light, and thus, the right of way— according to witness statements in the aftermath. One victim struck the windshield and apparently left the scene immediately in an unknown manner.

The other was run over by the vehicle on State Street at Broadmore Plaza and was transported to the nearest level one trauma emergency facility. This victim appears to have sustained substantial bodily and head trauma.

Much is to be determined, surveillance video from the area may hold the real story. Witnesses said the driver that had stopped in the EB1 lane got out and began to attack the driver who actually had the green light and stayed on the scene to figure out what happened.


Written by SBPDPIO

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  1. This article is oddly written. It appears that 2 males were crossing the street to get to 7-11, by jaywalking or crossing against the light, and someone who was driving had a green light and struck them. “One victim struck the windshield and apparently left the scene immediately in an unknown manner.” What does that even mean?
    The driver ran the other one over and they were taking to “the nearest level one trauma center”? That would be Cottage Hospital. It all sounds scary and traumatic, including for the driver with the green light that hit them, stayed on scene and was attacked by another driver. Seriously, this story brings up a lot of questons lol

  2. This Juniel guy was not an innocent victim!
    He was arrested no to long ago for hot prowling, fought the officers responsible ding to the extent that one of the officers received a broken hand, and was released on $100000bail! AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, he apparently “…also had an outstanding felony arrest warrant…”!!! What the hell was this guy doing free on the street?!?
    Very unfortunate my a$$!
    This guy was living on the wrong side of civility and got what he sowed!

  3. Time to hit the bushes in these areas adjacent to San Roque homes and clear out the homeless. 7-11 needs to hire a guard to keep the homeless from hanging around there. Rose Garden closed, I believe? Build it and they will come. And they did and then some.

  4. Another guy who just got out of jail after a hot prowl serious altercation in which a police officer was injured. I’d love to know who came up with his bail, surely someone funded his release. We must ask who does it benefit to return these miscreants to the streets to prey upon the honest taxpayers?

  5. Sacjon he very well may have… we don’t know the whole story about this guy and what harm he was doing to others but he tried to break into a home in the middle of the night while people were home according to one story, amongst whatever else he had been doing to have a felony warrant. Wonder if the friend who bolted turned up at the ER later and what the deal was with the girl.

  6. FALSE INFO Justin wasn’t homeless he was a very wealthy man actually in Texas he left for cali about a year and a half ago to live the beach life he loved this world and never doubted it so have some respect.

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