Paving Maintenance on Anacapa Street

Source: City of Santa Barbara

As part of the Fiscal Year 2019A Pavement Maintenance Project, funded by Measure C, Granite Construction will perform asphalt point repairs on Anacapa Street for the next two weeks. Point repairs are spot repairs to localized asphalt failures and are typically performed prior to placing slurry on the street. This is a cost-effective way to extend the life of a roadway surface. Anacapa Street is scheduled to be slurry sealed this winter/spring.

The first part of the point repair work will occur August 28-30 between Constance Avenue and Micheltorena Street. This portion of Anacapa will be closed to traffic, with detours and parking restrictions in place during construction hours only (7 a.m.-5 p.m.). Local access for residents will be maintained to the extent possible during construction hours. Residents should expect potential delays and interruptions in accessing their driveways.

The second part of the work will occur September 3-6 between Anapamu Street and Haley Street. Expect a one-lane closure, parking restrictions, and potential delays on Anacapa during this work.

To find out more about pavement maintenance projects, visit the Measure C website at


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  1. Good to know, as I use Anacapa a lot. Today I was driving around and noticed many streets have smooth, new asphalt. Lots of newly painted lanes, etc. On the one hand, I won’t miss the potholes, but on the other hand I feel for the people who live on these streets. New asphalt means speedier driving and more traffic noise for residents. Foothill and other streets . . . sure glad I don’t live there.

  2. Hopefully, they do a decent job, unlike my busy street. After they did the work, the street was really good for a few weeks, then gradually got bumpy again….. And, they damaged some curbs, near the rain water drains. Oh well

  3. A surface coat won’t do SQUAT to save these roads. We need REAL repair. So sick of it. Santa Barbara has been slurrying streets for years, and doing band-aid level repairs on our city streets. On the onramp to the 101 South at Mission there is a HUGE pothole that’s been there for as long as I can remember. What the HELL are our road repair tax increases going to? I am mad.

  4. Not just mad but thoroughly confused. First of all the on ramp is Caltrans, that is State not City. Secondly there is no way ever there will be enough money to completely repave every street that needs it at the same time. That’s why there is a maintenance program…. crack sealing and slurry seals prolong the life of the existing pavement for several years. The City like we had at the County has a list that shows every street and where it is in it’s 20 year life before replacement. Same number of roads, a lot more people….they’re going to wear out quicker especially with all the heavy new construction traffic. Our street in San Roque was 10 years past it’s due replacement before they repaved it over 20 years ago with a new type of AC and it’s still in pretty good shape. Maybe you should join the the poster below that’s complaining about the new pavement…and start an “everything makes me mad” club.

  5. Two years now where taxpayers of California were sold the road repair gas tax. Oh wait, but they want to hold the money in the general fund. And not spend money on repairing roads. And then every once in a while, show some patch work.
    Paving roads is necessary on 40% of all roads. Whats worse is the infrastructure to many roads is now dissolving.
    Crickets. Excuses. And big piles of cash paying off retirement guarantees that should have never existed.

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