Outback Closing in Goleta

By an edhat reader

I was at Outback in Goleta for dinner the other night and was sad to find out that they are closing this location. The last day they are open is this Sunday, November 12th. Does anyone why or what might be taking its place?


Written by James D Cook

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  1. I wish people would stay on topic. They are closing because once again the landlord at that strip mall has raised rents by double. No other reason. It is a middle performer for Outback and wouldn’t be closing otherwise. The landlord has driven good clients out in that mall for years like Petrini’s, the Golf Klub, etc. Just like what the city did with the E-Bar site which cost the city $18M.

  2. They aren’t closing because they failed to lure customers they are always busy when I go. Their lease is up and the greed is hitting goleta too so the rent doubled. I suspect something really fancy will go in next but maybe not. Hopefully they find another spot in the area.

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