Ostrich Racing

By Flicka

Since we have a post about ostriches I thought maybe it would be interesting to post a picture of me riding one. For 2 years at the Channel City Horse Show in the early 1960s, I rode in the ostrich races, a mid-show entertainment. 

In this photo I am dismounting, the only way to get on is to hop from their backside and getting off you slide down the back. They kick to the side and can really be quite dangerous. Here I am wearing chaps, I’d just shown an Appaloosa in a Pleasure Horse class. My friend Margaret Vacin is the other rider.

Another edhat reader found this flyer of the same horse show a few years earlier.


Written by Flicka

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  1. Flicka I forgot to say thanks for sharing this photo and my commment wasn’t trying to put you down or anything. There are a lot of things we humans used to do that no longer make sense and I guess this is one of them but nonetheless it’s an interesting photo 🙂

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