Orcutt School District Settles Lawsuit After Teacher Allegedly Hit Student

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The Orcutt Union School District has settled a lawsuit after a teacher allegedly hit and bullied a student.

The lawsuit alleges that in 2017, Orcutt Academy High School teacher Ty Fredriks punched a male student in the stomach, cursed at him, and called him an idiot while a group of students stood in a school field waiting to watch the solar eclipse, reports Cal Coast Times.

The school district, Fredricks, Principal Rhett Carter, and Assistant Superintendent Susan Salucci were named in the lawsuit, which alleges Fredricks had a history of bullying the student.

After school security camera footage of the alleged assault was shown to a judge, the district settled the case for $75,000. Fredriks is still teaching at Orcutt Academy, reports Cal Coast Times.

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  1. Not surprising. What is surprising is that this doesn’t occur more often. Many kids now are despicably insolent, disruptive to class and show no respect. They know they’re protected by admin and parents. How some teachers keep their cool is beyond me.

  2. @8:26 are you seriously defending, or at least excusing, child abuse??? It’s NEVER ok to beat a child. No matter how “insolent” they are, you do not hit children. Not only that, you don’t do it to adults either, it’s called “battery,” and it cannot be claimed as a defense against being “despicably insolent, disruptive to class.” Sick.

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