Op-Ed: Cannabis Frustration on County’s Mixed Signals

By Lionel Neff, Board Member of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis 

Last week, we were disappointed to discover that Santa Barbara County approved the permits for Santa Barbara’s most flagrant rule-breaking cannabis operator. The Island Breeze grow was approved this past week despite the fact that it is the first and only cannabis operator being sued by the county for public nuisance. 

The permit also includes provisions for ineffective vapor misting as the only method of odor prevention. This technology is a masking agent that covers up odors and has been the source of concern and complaints from many in the Carpinteria community.

Carbon scrubbers, on the other hand, eliminate odors from the air inside the greenhouse. After months of intense scientific study with SCS Engineers of Santa Maria, the Coalition found that carbon scrubbers are 84% effective in eliminating cannabis odors. They work. It’s as simple as that. 

The flagrant dismissal of superior odor abatement technologies makes it clear that decision-makers at the County are simply ignoring the science. Carbon scrubbers have proven to be successful in eliminating odors and should be a requirement for greenhouse cannabis operations across the county. We are extremely discontented to see the approval of such a bad operation.

We hope that when this particular grow appears before the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors, we see justice served on a cannabis operation that flagrantly ignores the law.

Furthermore, we hope to see carbon scrubbers required for all Carpinteria cannabis. Anything less is our local government’s failure to stop a very preventable public nuisance. 

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  1. Carbon filters are much more expensive. This is especially true when the growers dilute the mist perfume to stretch it further. Because the county is ineffectual and the growers have a captive politician in Das, there is no incentive to install the scrubbers except for their own sense of doing the right thing. Drove through Carp several times this week and the odor is nasty…can’t imagine living near that. https://www.noozhawk.com/planning-commission-requires-carbon-filters-for-odor-control-at-13-acre-carpinteria-cannabis-farm/

  2. something is missing and really people…stop the crying about pot growing, it’s not going away and it’s not going to change anything. if you need to protest something that is bad, focus on why are we still selling cigarettes, and allowing massive alcohol consumption….

    • um…no? also, my vote for him will cancel yours. Concern for their constituency. I think bringing in millions in tax revenue and creating good paying jobs is a solid way to keep your constituents happy. Complain about raising taxes. Got it. So where do you want to fund things from? The roads you drive on, the parks, schools, bridges, city infrastructure, etc. That comes from our taxes. Das has done an outstanding job as a County Supervisor. He’s also not the only super on the board so if you have issues with the way things are going on the county level, perhaps attend a meeting, send an email and be real, don’t waste your time or theirs just to cry and complain. Have some depth and research involved and maybe you’ll get somewhere, but your post here just wreaks of misinformation on your part.

  3. The ENTIRE SB County Cannabis Grow is absolutely out of contol- Out of control of neighbors who have to deal with the stink, out of control with regards to the supposed “taxes” netted, out of control with regard to land and growing ordinances and TALK ABOUT “OUT OF TOWN” PROFITEERS… and political payoffs…. It all stinks.

  4. Isn’t that THE problem Citizen? SB voters keep in voting for him (and other similar career politicians) and yet here we are. I don’t get it. There are a ton of liberal posters and voters here in SB that maybe should remember who they’ve been voting for all these years. Just an observation.

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