New Park Hours Promote Safety

Source: City of Santa Barbara

City parks have new hours allowing visitors to enjoy the park until it’s dark. Designed to benefit park users and the community by improving safety, parks are open from sunrise to 1/2 an hour after sunset. While the new hours create consistent closing times, other safety changes also affect playgrounds and portable barbecues.


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  1. Keep up the Shoreline night walks. I doubt the police would enforce someone casually walking the through the park. This gives SBPD some more tools to deal with vagrants and complaints. In my experience, we have a fairly practically minded police force.

  2. Thank the vagrants for this. They have completed taken over our parks and they now belong to them. We pay a large percent of our savings each year in property taxes for parks that are covered in human feces, trash needles, pipes and tents. Taxpayers get screwed and vagrants can live wherever they want for free.

  3. This is a great “tool” for keeping the bums out of our parks. As earlier commenter stated, there’s no need for a fine upstanding night stroller to feel put upon. Enjoy your walks and be happy that SBPD will now be hustling the “campers” out of your space and face.

  4. I feel sad about this…my kids grew up here…we did not walk late…but would go after dinner.
    Also, the tourists, from all over the world..
    Guess the hotel clerks will have to explain that the homeless, have taken over.

  5. It’s a lazy and ineffective attempt to control overnight campers. It gets dark at 5:00 PM, and my dog still needs to be walked, preferably in the local park. I see kids playing basketball in the dark at 7:30 PM. I’m glad they still use the park, but it’s ridiculous there aren’t lights and that if a cop wanted to hassle then, they could. Silly, aggravating, shortsighted rule.

  6. Every time the city makes a critical decision, they give us this pros/cons list of things that their decisions are good for. Except they leave out the cons. That job is for us. I can just see these pension monkey’s sitting around a room coming up with “positives” for cases like this. However, when you have few positives it’s always the same basic line items. Such as this one. It’s safer. Empty parks are safer. Clown Town.

  7. The argument that we should keep repressive laws and trust the cops to enforce them only against “bad folks” is the basic weapon of fascism. Remember Animal Farm: All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. If we have laws they need to be enforced against all (it’s called “equal protection” in our Constitution). If we don’t want them enforced against all then we need to change them. Settling for selective enforcement is a real scary step.

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