New Beginnings Announces Grand Opening of New Collaborative Center

By New Beginnings Counseling Center

New Beginnings, one of Santa Barbara’s oldest nonprofits – which provides mental health counseling to low-income community members and ends homelessness for individuals, families, and veterans throughout Santa Barbara County – is proud to announce the opening of its new expanded office and collaborative center. The expanded location will house the entire spectrum of services the organization provides in south county.

Representative Salud Carbajal will perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony and introduce the new center on Friday, June 9th, along with current and former elected officials and key members from throughout the Central Coast. More than 2000 people located in Santa Barbara and the Central Coast are served by the nonprofit per year, and the organization expects that number to expand over the next five years.

“We are grateful to have found a new home,” said Kristine Schwarz, Executive Director of New Beginnings. “It was a complicated and lengthy process, but now we can take New Beginnings to the next level. The need has never been greater, and the time is now. We look forward to expanding our partnerships and the number of people we serve.”

The four core programs of the organization are:

  • The Donald J. Wilfong Community Counseling Center

  • Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program

  • Life Skills Parenting and Education Program

  • Safe Parking Program ®, nationally-recognized

“Most know our organization for the Safe Parking Program and our accessible counseling, but the services don’t stop there,” Schwarz added. “We ensure that folks have assistance with everything they need along the way, helping veterans, assisting in job placement, and navigating the complex Santa Barbara housing environment.”

New Beginnings has a track record of success going back five decades. Those who receive services at the new location will have broader access to the wraparound services offered by each of the four programs, combined with unique access to community partners and volunteers with on-site office hours.

“This center will make an impact on our community,” said New Beginnings Board President Jackie Kurta, a professional therapist. “For the first time, people in need can come to one site and get a full continuum of services to get them back on their feet. COVID-19 showed us all how fundamental mental health care is, as well as the need for safe housing and dependable resources.”

The new center is located at 530 East Montecito St. The office employs just over 30 people but is still looking to add members to the team. To learn how to make donations to support the new collaborative center or about job openings with the nonprofit, visit or call 805-963-7777.


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  1. Recently it was reported that the homeless population was decreasing, patting the government on the back. When in reality homelessness is up 28% over the last 10 years.
    Today the Independent stated per the County Board of Supervisors, “ A Matter of Life and Death’: Homeless Deaths Nearly Double in Santa Barbara County”. “ Board of Supervisors Receives Shocking Report on Sharp Rise in Deaths Among Homeless Community”
    By Nick Welsh, who denied a homeless humanitarian crisis growing years ago long before the pandemic. Is he finally waking up as he rides his bicycle past numerous distraught destitute people. Or is he finally told it’s ok to tell the truth? Because none of the homeless issues are new.
    Our local government is a joke, hypocrisy when it comes to homelessness. From denying there was a humanitarian crisis years ago to ignoring it. to calling neighborhoods NIMBYs when the government & non profits want to put half way houses in family SFR neighborhoods.
    The City & County are the NIMBYs.
    For example the Safe Parking Program. The City does not allow people to sleep in their vehicles in public parking lots while they allow people to sleep in their car in front of your home on a public street. WTF! Its public land & the parking lots are mostly vacant overnight.
    The government refuses to use vacant government land to house or allow tent cities on their land. Most of which are away from SFR neighborhoods.
    Heck our Mayor, when on city council, passed an oversized vehicle parking ban because the homeless were parking on the s street under his bedroom window. If he wasn’t directly affected he would have never pushed for that ban. NIMBY?
    Hypocrites who expect everyone to suffer except themselves and their buddies.

  2. New Beginnings is one of the only local nonprofits I trust with donations. They’re real. Their programs actually help people and do so on a shoestring budget. They don’t revolve around flashy fundraising events and overpaid executives pretending to do things. Not naming names, but it seems like there’s a new 501c3 every month and most of the old ones with good intentions have drifted from their original direction and purpose.

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