Naked Transient in a Dumpster

Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy

4:42 p.m., September 20, 2017

Naked transient in a dumpster, 3885 State Street….


Written by Roger

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  1. The More transients there are, the More federal aid Santa Barbara can ask for to “combat” the issue..currently, it’s at 10mill per year…does it look like a 10mill paint-job has been done?
    The worse their crimes get, the More obvious the aid is needed…which means, you & I are the bait.
    But if we defend ourselves against attacks, we go to jail..why?
    Because we will Pay for legal defense while transients will be assigned a public-defender..via federal aid money.
    90% of SB’s transients are alcoholics or junkies (I volunteer at several locations, also have degree in counseling), of the 90%, 20% are known illegal immigrants who sell drugs at the labor line (well known street fact) & rob companies who hire them (tools,equip etc.).
    And don’t get me started on the “taxi co.” network of crime in this town..
    Dirty business SB.

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