Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Naked male from the waist down in front of Girls Inc. at 531 East Ortega Street.

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OWLworks Jan 15, 2021 09:41 AM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

An ordinance in Ashland, Oregon allows nudist to "hang out" naked as long as they stay away from schools (100 feet) and youth organizations--the right to nudity upheld. These are strange times and at least in Oregon there are many days near freezing or lower. Maybe there are more naked citizens hanging it all out because we have closed many laundromats (COVID loss) that the homeless had before (Virgil Center) , causing even more contamination publicly with clothing and smell. In Sacramento they had portable laundromats. Where are ours? Even Chumash wore cloth--to prevent bug bites and unwanted landings. Was this person wearing a mask? Important thing.

CMKR Jan 15, 2021 11:26 AM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

But everyone knows better when it comes to the disposition of the homeless problem!

clc805 Feb 04, 2021 03:17 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

A homeless woman entered the Girls, Inc. campus today and startling the staff and students.
Wondering if they were looking for the Showers of Blessing that is inappropriately located in the Girls Inc. parking lot on Tuesdays.
Wondering if parents are unaware that this is happening and "OK" with Girls Inc. Corporate Offices...
as a parent, I would be outraged that this is allowed.

sacjon Feb 04, 2021 04:56 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

CLC805 - Why are you outraged? Because a homeless person entered the campus? How is Girls, Inc. responsible for an errant homeless person?

clc805 Feb 04, 2021 09:04 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

I am outraged because there are children and staff that have to deal with the homeless people when the shower situation is set up on Tuesdays as it is. Today is Thursday, this person entered a supposed closed campus and had the ability to cause injury to a child or staff member.
Girls Inc is supposed to provide a safe environment for the children and the staff and have failed.
There are many other places where these showers can be offered throughout Santa Barbara and not at the Girls Inc property.
Do you have children? You probably don’t which is why you do not understand.

sacjon Feb 05, 2021 11:56 AM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

CLC805 - don't be so aggressively rude and defensive. I have kids. I just don't understand the outrage toward Girls, Inc. because a homeless person got into the campus. Sometimes, people walk into the wrong place. I'm not familiar with Girls, Inc, so didn't understand your apparent fury. I hope you're more understanding and not as hot headed with your kids as you were with me for simply not understanding.

JuniorHopdoodle Feb 05, 2021 12:38 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

Just another Karen hating on a wonderful service for the downtrodden. What would Jesus say? He would wash the feet of the least among us. No wonder God has turned his back on us.

clc805 Feb 05, 2021 03:18 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

Another Karen? Please, you don’t know me buddy. Has God turned His back on us? No, but many have turned their backs on Him!
I did not go into further detail because I was “hot headed” as previously mentioned in another post. By the way, “hot headed” or not, I have raised 3 amazing children to adulthood, thank you very much!
I am upset with the fact that Girls Inc. in downtown Santa Barbara has allowed their parking lot to be used by Showers of Blessing. Is it a great service for many of the “downtrodden” in Santa Barbara? Of course it is. I just feel there are other areas in the city where this trailer can be parked, although heaven forbid they park it where it may be seen by tourists.
Girls Inc., in partnership with the United Way has been providing an amazing program to children who might not otherwise receive the academic support necessary during this pandemic. It is staffed by young adults, some of whom are the gymnastics coaches and are now assisting with this wonderful program.
My frustration is that there are children onsite; the staff who is assisting these children are taking the place of teachers who are trying to help the kids while at the same time, protecting and shielding them.
The ratios are high for 1 person. The incidences with the homeless population whether it be violence or nudity have gone unreported. This isn’t the first time something has happened on site.
Thank goodness for edhat, otherwise, this situation that was brought to light on January 14, 2021 would have never been made public.
Am I jumping ahead and am a worst case scenario thinker? Yes, yes I am but you would be too if your child was affected as well. We have not had any school shootings occur since this pandemic (that I can recall). Many people are on edge, some of the homeless population can be violent. Let’s do our part to keep our children safe and start with moving Showers of Blessing to a different location…this is all I ask.

JuniorHopdoodle Feb 05, 2021 04:35 PM
Naked Male Near Girls Inc.

Only God can judge you. But we can study the scriptures and the gospels of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to know what we need to do. He would give succor to the homeless, he would minister to their needs. It is showers of blessings. He would turn out the money lenders on the steps. He would advise those that have three adult children and no connection to that which they speak to speak no ill, to quiet themselves, to ask the Lord for forgiveness for involving themselves and that which they have admitted they have no involvement.

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