Mutual Aid Responding to Los Angeles Protests

Earl Warren Showgrounds on Saturday afternoon (Photo: edhat reader)

By edhat staff

San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties are providing mutual aid to Los Angeles County for the protests.

The multi-agency law enforcement response included Santa Barbara County Sheriff ‬Deputies, ‪Santa Maria Police‬, a ‪Bearcat Unit, and California Highway Patrol. 

From San Luis Obispo, the Sheriff’s Department, Atascadero Police Department, Pismo Beach Police Department, Paso Robles Police Department, and the Cal Poly Police Department are sending officers to “help calm the civil unrest which is taking place in Los Angeles,” according to the SLO Sheriff.

Several edhat readers reported seeing the mutual aid response in Santa Barbara leaving the Earl Warren Showgrounds with lights and sirens.

Photo: John Palminteri

Edhat Staff

Written by Edhat Staff

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  1. Beyond the disturbing situation of police abuse, whether you are black, white, or Martian we all agree that regard for everyone’s life is sacred. I am sure the mayor of Minneapolis and the police chief there will be looking for new jobs and the police department overhauled and the guilty police will be punished. Of course, it does not mean that injustice should trigger riots, looting, burning of people’s businesses in the name of a “just cause.” Right now, what I see as equally disturbing are the Antifa thugs inciting the very behavior they seem to be against while wearing black hoods and “F**K ICE” t-shirts, while the poor blacks get sandwiched between them and some of the equally extreme but far-right Boogaloo Bois. And now we have the media turning this into a political issue versus a human rights issue. If I see another MSM editorial blaming Trump for this, I am going to go rogue myself, or at least puke.

  2. Did some research last night about ‘boogaloo’. Never heard of this before. These guys are scary………and there’s lots of footage showing the property damage is being started by right wing extremist white men, like the guy at the Auto Zone in Minneapolis and the guys dressed in black in Oakland. Boogaloo tend to wear Hawaiian shirts, boots, camouflage and they could care less about the murder of a black man.

  3. But it’s a better look when a man covered head to toe in fashionable duds walks in commits vandalism then disappears blame it on the left to start a little war….He might have been more convincing had this garb matched.

  4. There is no conspiracy of right or left wing “agents”… You just have people protesting lawfully being joined at night by bored out of work people that are getting their kicks breaking windows and burning things. We can def give the media a little blame as Of Immediately condemning the looting and arson, they sympathized and justified it. The protesting is real and Important… that cop killed the guy and should be (and is!!) in jail… but people looting liquor stores and targets need to be stopped and locked up. Protests are good… the chaos unfolding is not

  5. ♫♫ When we returned to the pad to unload everything
    It dawned on me that I need new home furnishings
    So once again we filled the van until it was full
    Since that day my livin’ room’s been more comfortable
    Cause everybody in the hood has had it up to here
    It’s getting harder and harder and harder each and every year
    Some kids went in a store with their mother
    I saw her when she came out she was gettin some pampers
    They said it was for the black man,
    They said it was for the mexican
    And not for the white man
    But if you look at the streets
    It wasn’t about Rodney King
    It’s bout this f’ed up situation and these f’ed up police
    It’s about coming up
    And staying on top
    And screamin’ 187 on a mother f’n’ cop
    It’s not written on the paper it’s on the wall
    National guard!
    Smoke from all around! ♫♫

  6. Well, so nice to have a reliable source of information about conduct by unidentified people a thousand miles from here doing stuff that we can’t appropriately attribute to any philosophy. Etc. This gossipy stuff is just trolling.

  7. I saw a video of a black guy in Minneapolis telling these white idiots that this is not their cause, they are welcome but not to loot and riot – and he said we will social distance and stay safe. I feel so sorry for these people – this was a legit protest that was hijacked by not only Antifa but possibly right wing extremists too looking to confront Antifa. but make no mistake about it – Antifa did this in large part – they hate anything capitalist/wealth and that’s why they were stealing and screaming “expropriation”. Also one arrestee in Portland had the words “ACAB” tatooed on his face – that is the socialist worker’s movement saying for All Cops Are Bad – and that ACAB was also spray painted in several locations.

  8. “ACAB [All Cops Are Bastards] means that no matter how nice a person the cop is individually they must break strikes, attack social movements, execute homophobic, sexist, and racist laws, deport and evict people, and even torture and murder, because that is what the police do. … ACAB is a comment on the institutional role of the police. Feb 16, 2015”

  9. That was one of many local news stories I could have linked of what happened in Eugene. It started out as a non violent protest which morphed into burning stuff in a downtown intersection which escalated into smashing several storefronts in DT Eugene. Just google Eugene riots and you’ll get the bigger picture.

  10. People were outraged at peaceful protests against lockdowns by people who had lost their livelihoods and their businesses. I don’t see the same concerns here – in fact I see people excusing this, despite the fact that the virus is likely circulating even more now, because the cause is just in their opinion, more just than people losing jobs and businesses. Wake up people you’re being played. If a lockdown protestor was shot on their porch like that lady last night some of you would be cheering. It’s wrong regardless and they are dividing us – all so they can stay in power and control. Stop making this political and start thinking for yourselves. Period.

  11. Yes, it came from the WSM (which is why it is in quotes though I should have cited the source) and seems correct when I rechecked. But it is meant as informational and helps to explain the philosophy behind the phrase for what it is worth. The idea seems to have merit as it is true that many of us are not sympathetic to the mission of our job but are compelled to do it or lose our income. In the end many move on from jobs that are innervating. This leaves true believers in the majority of course thereby perpetuating the problem.

  12. ROGER the guy breaking out the windows at Auto Zone may have been a cop. Also may have been Antifa – most of the Antifa bros live in their parent’s basements b/c they cannot function in normal society. So they could have used mama’s gas mask too. It would be best for all of us to look at this objectively rather than through the right or left lens like we are being told to do by our media masters. Well, not my masters. But some of yours.

  13. Not liking to sound repetitive one is sent straight back in History, Germany 1933. When one man could apparently only eventually lead his angry, vulnerable, trusting, frustrated and hungry, people, out of their plight from complete annihilation after WW1 – straight into a worse disaster, WW2. We need to pull ourselves together, trust our leaders, enforcement personnel, National Guard, and courts of Law, and allow them to control this appalling mess. Hate breeds hate and exacerbating instead of attempting to calm down this situation is a crime against all citizens of this beloved country. The latter for which generations of our boys and girls have fought, risked, and tragically sacrificed their lives, in too many wars. Wars fought to keep peace and safety on this beautiful land. Not to have their memories dishonored – thrown under the bus – by following generations.

  14. Minn. Leaders walked back that “out of state” percentage this evening and Jail records refute your claim…Here’s what the HCSO jail records show. There are 69 cases from Friday to Saturday that were categorized as “received by jail” as of about 11 am this morning. Of those, here’s the state breakdowns: MN56, UNK 5, IL3, ARK1, MO1, IA1, Fla1, MI1….. See link for report…

  15. If it is a matter of choice for the fire dept and you can’t answer for them how can you answer for the police/sheriff? There is evidence that the cops love the show of power sirens and the armor of war give them. Bearcats, SWAT and all. The point of the posted question is that we need to question the militarization and aggression of our law enforcement.

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