MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: No Permits? No Problem!

MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: No Permits? No Problem! title=
Image: Reel Life, February 5, 1916
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By Betsy J. Green

Apparently, when the "Flying A" decided to film outside their studio on Mission and Chapala streets, they did not have to ask permission or give any notice. Here's an example of one of the surprises that happened behind the scenes in 1915:

“Passengers on a southbound train yesterday morning became panic stricken, believing a holdup was on, when Jack Richardson [see photo], attired in wild and wooly fashion, leaped aboard as the train passed through Goleta. Arrangements were made for the train slowing down and Richardson did his bit of business in fine style. But no sooner did he step up on the vestibule, than he noticed the people in the car started to bob down behind their seats. He immediately sensed the situation and called out: ‘It is only a motion picture.’” -- Santa Barbara Morning Press, October 8, 1915. 

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condorhiker Jun 26, 2022 11:55 AM
MOVIES WAY BACK WHEN: No Permits? No Problem!

If only some of those train passengers had been carrying six-shooters. They could have blasted the phony bandit to smithereens!
Or would that have been an unintended consequence of citizens carrying guns in public?

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