Mountain Lion Sightings

Edhat readers report sightings of mountain lions in the hills of Santa Barbara and Montecito this week.

  • Large mountain lion spotted on Ladera Lane this Tuesday afternoon

  • Cougar roaming behind Parma Park. Saw it early Wednesday morning while hiking in the Park. Didn’t look to be in the park but in the hills behind.

  • Mountain lion prints in my garden on upper hot springs rd.





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  1. If you live in the area that’s part of their range, it’s nice to know when they’re around, Zerohawk. They’re not always around houses or in the park—each lion has a big range. Some of us take walks in our neighborhoods, and it’s good to hear if one has been seen close by recently, especially if you’re walking a (small, especially) dog. I like to hear the reports. Friends have had coyotes “making friends” with their off-leash dogs in Parma. When we hear about a mountain lion close by, we’re extra careful with dogs, cats, chickens, etc.

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