Montecito Hot Springs Trail Rescue

By Nelson Roosendahl

January 5th rescue on Hot Springs Trail



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  1. i knew i would see rude and obnoxious posts from the usual suspects here chiding people for needing help and living life. to each of you and you know who you are, we will have a chat someday when my dogs and i are saving you or a family member of yours. i had a guy once that i knew online. Major troll just like a lot of you. He would bash the SAR, bash people that SAR saved…just like you do. Then one day we got a call in Cito, swift water rescue. Dogs stayed in the truck. I got to him first and while saving his dumb@zz, i informed him who i was. The look on his face is still in my mind today. So at some point we may meet and I’ll have to do my job. Then again, most of you complainers are just arm chair warriors too afraid to leave their houses….

  2. Nobody is bashing SAR or any other law enforcement here dude. You’re way off by saying that. You’d also be surprised to know how many of us aren’t what you think we are – armchair warriors? Not. I’m out all the time – the more remote the better, but I don’t expect to be rescued when I’m walking a trail or surfing, like I did today. Don’t assume.

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