Missing Elderly Woman Found in Gaviota

By the edhat staff

A Santa Barbara County firefighter found a missing 88-year-old woman in Gaviota on Sunday morning.

At 7:46 a.m., a County Batallian Chief was driving on Highway 101 southbound through Gaviota when they observed a swerving SUV with front-end damage.

Using their red lights, the firefighter pulled the swerving vehicle over and discovered the driver is a 88-year-old woman from Santa Paula who was reported missing on Saturday evening.

The woman was transferred to the California Highway Patrol for family unification. 


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  1. Sounds as though it was one person, yet the story reads, “ Using their red lights, the firefighters pulled the swerving vehicle over ,,,” it sounds as though several people were driving the vehicle! I understand about political correctness and not wanting to reveal the gender of the battalion chief but there needs to be clarity and accuracy in reporting. When there is only one, there’s available the neutral 3rd person singular instead of the 3rd person plural.

  2. MM – it states (some-where’s else) : “At about 7:45 a.m., Battalion Chief Nikki Stevens, who was going off duty, saw the woman’s vehicle, with front-end damage, swerving on the highway, said fire Capt. Scott Safechuck. Stevens began to follow the woman, he said, and the California Highway Patrol was alerted.”…. so they used “he”?

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