Missing Child Found

Missing Child Found title=
Missing Child Found
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Update: Santa Barbara Police Department

The child has been returned home unharmed. 

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

At-Risk Missing Child

Zuzette Palaez-Guzman

Age: 12 years            

HT: 5’0”, WT: 125lbs, Eyes: Bro, Hair: Bro

Last Seen: 06-16-19 @ approximately 6 A.M. in 300 block S. Salinas Street.

Known to the frequent downtown area

Call 911 if found

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Luvaduck Jun 17, 2019 09:16 AM
Missing Child Found

She <frequents> the downtown unsupervised at 12 years-old? REALLY bad idea. A girl in my daughter's class who did this, had tats on her ankle @12 and was "dancing" for men in their hotel rooms by 15. She had her first abortion at 16, became a gang "associate" & became a heroin addict. Her parents ran through their savings & home equity trying to get her straight. She's now living w/her disabled 70-year-old mom, so severely compromised both mentally and physically that she spends most of her time in bed. (BTW, this was a middle-class "white" girl with college-educated parents.) What a waste.

Sprigofsage Jun 18, 2019 06:11 AM
Missing Child Found

Gawd Luvaduck that sounds tragic.

a-1590493371 Jun 17, 2019 06:56 AM
Missing Child Found

They let everyone know she was missing and asked for help- let everyone know what happened

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