Marijuana Extraction Lab Found in Mandatory Evacuation Zone

Source: Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office

At approximately 11:10 a.m. on December 13, 2017, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office received a report from the Thomas Fire Incident Command of a potential Marijuana Butane Honey Oil (BHO) Extraction lab in the 2200 block of Bella Vista Dr. in Montecito. The residence was located in the mandatory evacuation area of the Thomas Fire. The Sheriff’s Office was advised that firefighter personnel providing structure protection in the area, saw several items in plain view that they believed were items related to a Butane Honey Oil extraction lab. 

Sheriff’s investigators assigned to the Special Investigations Bureau, responded to the scene to investigate the report. Once at the location, investigators confirmed the items were related to an illegal extraction lab and sought a search warrant to search the rest of the residence. While obtaining the search warrant and continuing the investigation, flames from the fire were bearing down on the residence and the surrounding area. Investigators quickly searched the residence and seized evidence related to the extraction lab. Seized from the location were 300 to 500 pounds of cut marijuana, numerous cans of unopened Butane fuel, 15 to 20 pounds of Hashish (concentrated cannabis), a small amount of finished BHO product (concentrated cannabis), a commercial grade extraction lab and other paraphernalia related to the illegal lab. After all the items were seized, investigators quickly left the residence, with fire personnel staying behind for structure protection.

Investigators have identified a couple persons of interest and are following up on investigative leads to further identify them and gather additional evidence. Due to the ongoing investigation, no additional information is being released at this time.

It should be noted that the extraction of Butane Honey Oil requires the use of extremely flammable fuels. Numerous extraction labs have exploded in this county and across the country injuring suspects and destroying residences. Additionally, these cases of fuel were left at the residence in the path of the oncoming fire making the situation even more volatile and dangerous.

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  1. 35 years of near daily use. No criminal record, no car crashes, great relationships, no debt, FICO score about 800, college degree, business owner, salary over $100k. Many friends with similar stories. I just laugh at people that think pot is harmful.

  2. Opinions and anecdotes are fine, but actual clinical data point to a different conclusion. Of course, individual results vary, but it’s clear that heavy dope use in teen years damages brain development, leading to more paranoid and schizophrenic outcomes. And we’re all familiar with the rambling, incoherent thought patterns of heavy dope users, hence the term. Sugar, nicotine, alcohol, and opiates and other mood-altering drugs all can lead to addictive behavior. Some people just seem to be wired for it.

  3. Pot is legal so I am not sure why they are getting after an enterprising entrepreneur. If he is working hard and creating a legal product that people want then why the big law enforcement action. The only reason I can think of is that the state and city are not getting their tax money cut of the action.

  4. Hallucinate away. Then read some medical information on the subject:
    “Although some people question the concept of marijuana dependence or addiction, diagnostic, epidemiological, laboratory, and clinical studies clearly indicate that the condition exists, is important, and causes harm (Budney, 2006; Budney and Hughes, 2006; Copeland, 2004; Roffman and Stephens, 2006). Marijuana dependence as experienced in clinical populations appears very similar to other substance dependence disorders, although it is likely to be less severe. Adults seeking treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence average more than 10 years of near-daily use and more than six serious attempts at quitting (Budney, 2006; Copeland et al., 2001; Stephens et al., 2002). They continue to smoke the drug despite social, psychological, and physical impairments, commonly citing consequences such as relationship and family problems, guilt associated with use of the drug, financial difficulties, low energy and self-esteem, dissatisfaction with productivity levels, sleep and memory problems, and low life satisfaction (Gruber et al., 2003; Stephens et al., 2002). Most perceive themselves as unable to stop, and most experience a withdrawal syndrome upon cessation.”

  5. Ah, because arresting someone for weed is so important that it justifies serving a search warrant in the middle of a firestorm.
    Our town was about to burn down, don’t these kooks have anything better to do than seizing legal substances?

  6. Would this Gruber be the same Gruber that Obama employed to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people to ram the ACA down our throats? The same one that said Americans were dumb enough to get this thing passed? He and Pelosi are peas in a pod. He was correct. and she proved it by saying we needed to pass it o know what’s in it. Back on topic….whether legal or not this kind of stuff needs to be done in a commercial kitchen that is properly set up to do it. Yes this will make a house go boom. Have seen the aftermath in person. Keeps the fire department busy though.

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