March for Reproductive Rights Takes Over De La Guerra Plaza

By edhat staff

Activists filled De La Guerra Plaza in Santa Barbara on Saturday for a march for reproductive rights.

At noon the Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund and Women’s March Santa Barbara hosted the event as part of a national “Rally for Abortion Justice” movement. 

More than 600 related rallies and marches took place across the country in response to the most restrictive anti-abortion bill that went into effect in Texas last month, which banned abortions after six weeks — before many women know they have conceived — with no exceptions for rape or incest.

“We don’t say this lightly: we’re at grave risk of losing our reproductive freedoms,” The Women’s March account tweeted. “All of us need to fight back. That’s why on October 2, we’re marching in every state.”

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a request to block the Texas bill, and activists fear it will empower other states to follow suit.

Sen. Monique Limón,  Assemblymember Steve Bennett, former Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, County Supervisor Das Williams, and Santa Barbara City Councilmember Kristen Sneddon were just a few of the local elected representatives in attendance. 

Edhat Staff

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  1. @Generalsapling- I along with at least 50 LOCALS that I KNEW were at the Elder Event at the Sunken Gardens- You must not have noticed that they were ALL from the SB area. Yeah, there were some from Santa Ynez I knew too… NO ONE was “bussed in” as you popped off. The only people “bussed” were those in the Elder Campaign Bus… Those 1000 or so at the Elder event WERE LOCALS…. There were maybe 50 old hippie-Edhat readers there as well and they ended up leaving in disgust…! 🙂

  2. Byzantium- are you trying to be funny or just mad that your trumper Elder rally fell flat? Frankly comparing women’s reproductive rights to some idiot supported by trump supporters is beyond apples and oranges. I won’t even comment any further on your post.

  3. Coast, your numbers are just what we expect from a supporter of Trump and Eldar too. Inflated and unreal. I was there too! Guess what!? Most of those people, were not from the 805 region. Yes they came from out of the county. Why do i know this to be true? I have several friends that work for SPBD, in fact several branches of law enforcement. I have read several of your posts related to that event and just laugh to myself knowing the truth. I guess you folks don’t like facts, truth, science, etc…right? Don’t bother slamming me or getting all agro, because i won’t be back to check. See, i don’t care. Your little dream of 1000s from SB wanted Eldar as our Governor is just insanely dumb. Oh yeah, howd that work out for you? It didn’t…did it?

  4. The Elder supporters were bussed in from L.A. – and they harassed and threatened the locals who were silently protesting. Some of the Elder supporters carried hateful and devisive “support” signs. Maybe that’s why?

  5. BYZ – stop with the whining and lying. The Elder rally was ALL OVER local news. As for it being “positive” or not, why would it be? He’s against women’s rights, not for them. If you want “positive” news about someone like Elder, you’re in the wrong town and reading the wrong news sites. Most educated adults are FOR women’s rights. That this bothers you is really quite telling. Disgusting really.

  6. COASTWATCH – not all locals, stop with the BS. We went to dinner at La Cumbre plaza that night and saw whole groups of trucks with “Nor Cal” stickers and some with OC plate frames (or at least they bought their trucks there), draped with flags, even a couple confederate ones. Classy bunch came into town for that one.

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