Many Thanks to Dr. Anthony Beebe

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By Lauren R.

It's difficult to imagine any previous president of SBCC caring as much for employees of the college as the current president, Dr. Anthony Beebe. Truthfully, he astounded me when he sent employees home on a Tuesday two weeks ago, then again on Thursday and Friday, all last week, and today, Monday, December 18. He did this because he wanted us to care for our lives, our families, our friends, and ourselves when the Thomas fire reached Santa Barbara county. 

I honestly cannot express the depth of my gratitude for his concern. It has been a terrible time (and I hope it will not re-start with Wednesday's predicted winds), and I am so glad that I was given this paid time to focus on protecting my loved ones and my home. I was evacuated and it was truly frightening to be faced with those choices one has to make. But I was able to come back to an intact home where even hauling everything up stairs and inside again didn't even ring a bell on the annoyance meter. Last night I slept a solid twelve hours, also grateful to be able to do so today. 

Thank you, Dr. Beebe. I will remember your kindness the rest of my life!

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Mesarats Dec 19, 2017 07:29 AM
Many Thanks to Dr. Anthony Beebe

Lauren. Do you know if the part time instructors also were also paid? Reason asking is that when Ventura college was under mandatory evacuation everyone had to leave, those who worked remotely to rework finals, labs etc...for remote or online use were told since they were not physically there they could not be paid. I imagine something will be worked out, but curious how the policies work.

a-1539972252 Dec 19, 2017 09:38 AM
Many Thanks to Dr. Anthony Beebe

Then they should contact the labor board and file an "unpaid wages" dispute, it is illegal to withhold pay.

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