Lt. Dan McGrew Retires From Santa Barbara Police Department

Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

Congratulations to LT Dan McGrew who is retiring this week after 29 years of service to SBPD. LT McGrew has worked several specialties to include Patrol, SWAT, Tactical Patrol Force, Academy Tac Officer, Detective, and Narcotics. Thank you LT McGrew for your dedicated years of service to SBPD and to the citizens of Santa Barbara. Best of luck in retirement!


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  1. Taxpayers have also been generous in their thanks to Dan J Mcgrew
    Police Lieutenant (2018)
    Regular pay:$160,968.93
    Overtime pay:$7,591.99
    Other pay:$1,689.33
    Total pay:$170,250.25
    Pension debt:$49,273.41
    Total pay & benefits:$272,968.36

  2. Thanks for your service! Maybe those complaining can voice their complaints in more relevant formats — put together petitions, gather signatures, show up at City Council meetings. Oh, wait, that actually takes work and requires getting out of the armchair quarterback position…

  3. GOOD. The situation with incredibly inflated pensions & turning a blind eye to unnecessary overtime in order to reach those levels is really coming to a head. It’s simply not sustainable. Public agencies should have this on their radar, but have proven that we cannot expect those who benefit from these loopholes to also police those loopholes for abuse. More oversight is needed, badly and quick.

  4. Pretty crazy that the public apparently needs to police the public servants selected to protect and police the public in order to prevent abuse of the system… Regardless of the systemic shortfalls, yes, thank you for your service, officer.

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