Local Woman Caught on Camera Berating Employee in Racist Tirade

By the edhat staff

Several readers of edhat sent us the below video that was posted on Instagram. The video was posted this week by local DJ Ian Soleimani in front of the Boathouse Restaurant at Hendry’s Beach.

The video shows a local woman arguing with an employee of the Boathouse at its entrance near the walkway to the public beach, seemingly over an unpaid bill. Soleimani starts filming as the interaction gets more heated. The woman then turns to him and begins a slew of racist rants.

At the time of publication, the video received nearly 20,000 views and 450 comments. With permission from the video’s owner, the video is provided in full below:


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  1. sure looks like the racist is exploiting her “customer is always right” ideals in front of a bunch of people IN PUBLIC. Shes the one trying to get “entertainment” from her outburst. no one else was talking, only her voice was heard

  2. thats what I gathered, sad we couldnt actually hear the complaint. but its common practice to hold someones ID if they dont pay the bill. shes upset cause her CC got declined. so shes mad at the employee and establishment…… this is all from my gathering in between the racist rants.

  3. That you, BABYCAKES? 99.99% of people “going through something” aren’t disgusting racists. I agree no breaks needed or deserved, this is disturbing behavior no matter what is going on in your life or what demons you are fighting. Doesn’t give you a free pass to be a demon to others. Ever.

  4. What a nasty person! Is she all there? Mentally I mean. She is talking about Harvey Weinstein in the end. Florida woman? She needs to be canceled. Crazy and not all there. African American fishing. What a kook!

  5. Agree with you @2:26. Keep in mind though, that with a population of approximately 340 million, 0.0099 percent is about 35,000 peeps. That’s a lot of potential disgusting racists to disturb even the most jaded amongst us. She appears to be having a public meltdown. She is talking irrationally. She appears to be on edge. She then discovers that someone is recording the event….fine. But, when someone is “mentally ill” as someone on this board who is a clinical mental health professional determined (is that legal to diagnose a person who is not one’s patient?).
    Side Note: this story is making national news. Just great. Now, people won’t want to come to Santa Barbara because it’s a hotbed of racists. Of course that is not true….see how that works?

  6. Wow. Sad to say I’m not surprised with all this rhetoric being emboldened by certain political figures and one party in particular. Just bummed to see it in our hometown, but my friends of color have been saying this for a long time. Also she’s not making any sense. Broccoli? Oprah? Dr. Phil?

  7. So I’m sittin’ here in my apartment in IV, watchin’ this & thinkin’ to myself how some people can REALLY make fools of themselves!
    Not gonna call her a crazy woman, just gonna lay it out for what she is, a spoiled, entitled, self-centered brat w/ a hyper-inflated sense of self-importance.
    I don’t care what race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation/preference, political affiliation you are or espouse, you act like this person, you’re a fool.
    It don’t surprise me 1 bit she didn’t pay the bill, she seems to have it etched in her peabrain that she’s entitled to gettin’ away w/ anything she wants to in life.
    Cheers to the restaurant staff that dealt w/ her, she was a true professional & she deserves our support, as does the restaurant.
    Major props to DJ Ian Soleimani for making the effort to capture this tirade on film. I admire how he took her ethnic/racial insults in stride. Best way to make a point is let the guilty do what they do best & that’s be guilty!

  8. They’re among us… Using the infallible broccoli argument! Great vid! this really brightened MY day! I’m really impressed he didn’t follow her to her vehicle to record the LP… oh,& thanks for showing us that you have that Mac?

  9. I was so sidetracked by her foolish behavior that I forgot to ask a basic question & that is was she tryin’ to dine & dash? The “discussion” seems to be over an unpaid bill, that can be a number of things, but was she tryin’ to skip out on payin’ for her food?

  10. She might have a mental illness but society frequently excuses bad behavior from white people as mental illness while other races do not get the benefit of the doubt. Also will repeat again, mental illness doesn’t make you racist. (Side note: I also work in the mental health field and advocate calling bad behavior out and not placating)

  11. Apparently she was there for a long time, with her broccoli. She exudes a classic deflection technique….which is to yell, deflect & insult. Usually, this technique works, the person is dismissed, bill not paid. Businesses tend to dislike confrontations & political careers ruined by the loudest, crudest , name-calling person. It’s also a technique used by this on the sociopathic spectrum. They fully believe rules don’t apply to them. She is such an entitled bully accustomed to pulling ruses in her disgusting style. Glad she met with classy responses…by the employee be & videographer.

  12. There are certainly moments when filming can be beneficial, like in the event of a crime or act of violence. However, people also need to realize that videos are just a snapshot of the event and lack context. As stated earlier, this woman has signs of mental illness. I don’t see the value of spreading this all over the internet so people can point fingers at another “racist Karen”. If this guy actually wanted to help the situation he could have mediated and tried understand what was going on. But no, instead he thought, “why don’t I pull out my phone so I can share this with my friends and generate more likes”. Her stupidly pulling the race card was exactly what he wanted.

  13. Edhat Editors: Please remove the post — now. When I first saw the post early this morning, I had hoped that it would have been taken down. Sadly not. This is not news. At best, yellow journalism. But what I see is the shaming of a stranger. With the exception of a few commenters who were disturbed as I was, too many took glee in another’s public humiliation. You don’t know what actually happened prior. You don’t know this person or her history. The woman has people who care about her: husband; mother; father; siblings; daughter or son; friends and neighbors; co-workers. How would you feel? How must the people in her life feel about this posting and the comments? The lack of compassion and all-out joy — I don’t understand it. Edhat, shame on you. This post has no place anywhere in online news reporting.

  14. The majority of people disagree with you and praise this local community website for publishing this. No one deserves to be spoken to like this, no one deserves a racist attack like this.
    Celeste, based on your past comments here, opinion letters to local media, interviews with national media, and political stance, it’s my opinion that you would not have the same comments if this woman was of a different race. Perhaps your empathy for such awful behavior is because you see a bit of yourself in her. Chat with a therapist, address your own fears of “others.” In the meantime, the rest of us will be sure to call out racism and disgusting behavior when we see it.

  15. @Celeste, isn’t this woman and the videographer exercising their First Amendment rights? Something you seem to know quite a bit about since you sued people because you were apparently offended at being interrupted while saying the Pledge of Allegiance claiming your First Amendment rights were violated.

  16. I am happy to correct the Pledge incident before the Board of Trustees, SBCC (Jan. 2019). I sued the college, at my own expense, because the California Brown Act was violated by members of the audience, all faculty. Public Comment is a right in this state. The attempt was made to silence me and disrupt the meeting. That’s against the law. The college’s attorneys agreed, and why we did not need to go to court. I never asked for money, nor did I receive any money. The only issue was the violation of the right to speak without intimidation when recognized during a public meeting. The incident in question was triggered by one person, a white faculty member. I was there to request (not demand) that the trustees as a body reinstate the Pledge of Allegiance, as is common practice at government meetings, including City Council and Board of Supervisors, as well as School Board. The incoming board president, Robert Miller, had discontinued the practice on his own, a violation of Board policy. The previous week, I privately emailed him to request reinstatement. He declined, stating the Pledge was steeped in a racist history. I wrote back, again requesting that he reinstate the Pledge. When he did not respond, I decided my next course of action would be to take it to the full board during Public Comment. Normally, very few people attend the trustees meetings. I was surprised when I saw a large group of students and some faculty arrive shortly before the meeting started. They were there for a separate issue. I would also like to make clear that the students were respectful of my statement throughout. They stood quietly on the dais behind the board. The only action they ever took — one that I would absolutely defend — was when they took a knee during the Pledge recitation. They behaved with dignity, including for respect for themselves. I was proud of them It was the faculty that caused the problem. They attempted to incite people there, and to shut down the trustees meeting. Had that one faculty member remained silent during Public Comment, I wouldn’t be writing this clarification here today. I’d have made my comment, told my father’s story as a soldier in WWII, and my own story of living in
    East Berlin and what the flag means to Americans stationed in far off places. The recited the Pledge, and left the room with a close friend and a Gold Star mother also in attendance. That would have been that. The Board of Trustees would then have voted to reinstate or not. I’d have accepted either way the vote went, because that’s what we do in this country. I sued because no one has the right to disrupt a public meeting, especially during public comment. Those few minutes allow anyone — rich, poor, old, infirm, homeless, citizen and undocumented — the right to freely and openly address their elected officials and be listened to. It’s a precious right. Months later, Nick Welsh asked me why I had contacted conservative news (I hadn’t), and why I only spoke to them. I told him, “Because they called, you didn’t.” Nick took that to heart. It’s one of many reasons why I respect his journalism and his ethics. For the record, I am left of center.

  17. I don’t think she’s saying she is in ‘control’ of SB. But it is a passionate stance about using this platform to shame people. The edhat content editors are usually way more conservative on what they let go on this site.

  18. “”Karen” has, in recent years, become a widespread meme referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits behaviours that stem from privilege.”
    That’s their fault, not ours.

  19. “I feel so sorry for this racist woman. It’s everyone’s fault except hers. Black men have no reason to turn on their video cameras and they’re just doing it to have fun. And I’d like to show how little awareness I have by talking about this as a lynching.”

  20. weird you feel bad for her, but don’t fell bad for the recipient of the racist remarks?
    “it made you sick how she must feel”? but you feel perfectly fine she was insulting people?
    So basically, your a racist also and want everyone to accept this OTHER racists actions and feel bad for her?
    yeah NOT happening.

  21. I think the fact that this woman later in the recording went racist, has blinded many many commenters to the deeper issue here—she was being recorded BEFORE she made the racist crap. So what kind of society are we becoming that every argument between people where we don’t know the background gets recorded and thus aggravated? So many times domestic violence victims, for example, appear to be the “bad guy” from a passerby who doesn’t know the background because the victim is acting loud and upset. In saying this I shouldn’t have to point this out, but the way people are so quick to attack, I will disclaim that of COURSE I’m not calling this woman the victim, I’m just using an example of a general principle. People used to go to public hangings and bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the show. Not saying the person being hanged wasn’t a criminal, but it makes me physically ill to see glee when wrongdoers are punished. We should feel sadness that a fellow human has fallen so far, not superiority and gloating and glee. Some psychological tests indicate many prison guards are on the same aggression scale as the prisoners. Those who condemn with glee are in a way no better than the criminal. It’s all ugly. If someone is a murderer or racist, don’t let that be an excuse to bring out your ugly. BTW, I myself have seen ugly behavior and reacted with self righteousness—that was easy. But then with supreme effort tried instead to be kind to the person. So hard! But in several cases kindness stopped the tirade and made the person sheepish and sorry. So maybe they turned it around in future? I don’t know, but I hope so. In any event, I am positive that attacking and shaming them would have only made them far worse in the future. So what does that accomplish to make less hate and anger in the world?

  22. Lozano is being actively supported by the New California State kooks up in the No. County. This ‘ranter’ is that same type. Regardless of where they are from, Lozano’s campaign needs to get up here and take down all her illegally posted signs on our roadsides. They were put up in the dead of night. Can’t wait until this is over and she and her acolytes, like this ranter, can crawl back under their rocks….. or go back to Florida!!!

  23. sacjon you are out of line with that comment. You know quite well that is not what I am saying. So are you saying we need to ratchet it up and add more hate? Is that going to make people less racist? I don’t know what your goal is, but my goal is to stop the violence and hatred, not to show how superior I am. The best way to show someone what a fool they are? Treat them with kindness. Then they feel shamed acting the way they are and might actually change. Adding more hate for the haters? How’s that workin out for this country?

  24. I feel so sorry for this woman who suffered humiliation by not being able to pay for her own meal. Many of us revert to a defensive,childish mode in a situation where we feel ashamed, caught in the act. Having the conversation being filmed created even more shame and total helplessness. One of her parents probably used the same racist language when she was a child. She was pacing around the parking lot in an extremely stressed out state. It made me feel sick knowing how she must be feeling.
    It looks like the restaurant employee was being respectful by taking the conversation outside. Following the spirit of the law, I think she could have returned the ID belonging to the woman and let her walk away. Someone else had tried to pay for the meal using cash.
    The man holding the camera was having fun and shaming the woman further by filming the whole conversation.. Filming people in extreme distress creates a lynch mob mentality where 1,000s of us band together and point fingers.

  25. Don’t treat them with kindness. People like her see that as weakness because she’s damaged goods. I think the Boathouse staff were more than understanding at first, but she was off in her world of grievance and far far away from feeling any personal responsibility for the situation she found herself in. The last thing she was going to feel was sheepishness. She thinks everyone else are sheep!

  26. BENE – “So are you saying we need to ratchet it up and add more hate?” Nope never said that anywhere, just saying exposing racists is not a bad thing. If you want to treat them with kindness, that’s fine, go for it. But perhaps the person taking this video was sick of being the target of racism and decided to publicize this vile rant. If you feel sorry for the racist, I can’t help you.

  27. “I said very clearly that the filming commenced BEFORE she showed racism.” – How do you know that? Where you there? Nothing in the video or article says she mentioned nothing about race before the video started. And so what? Maybe, had there been no racist rant, he wouldn’t have posted it as it was just an argument and not really “newsworthy.” You’re really grasping at defending this woman.

  28. Hey you forward thinking Ed Hatters: If you call a person going on a racist tirade a ‘Karen,’ doesn’t that put you on the same level as her? You can’t fight racism with racism. Use your words wisely.

  29. I have no ability to understand why anyone would make the strange comments this woman did. Because the comments are so bizarre, and the average person would have no ability to understand her, I’m not sure that proclaiming this simply a racist rant is the full picture here. She appears to be having a definite meltdown and her comments make no sense. Maybe, if she recovers, her comments will make no sense to her as well. Before she made the racist comments I think the filming was going on. Somehow it feels sleazy to jump in and film a clearly crazy and distressed woman, which clearly only made her crazier. In the beginning it was just an argument about a restaurant bill, and jumping in and filming a woman arguing about a restaurant bill just seems opportunistic, in the sense that the person videoing is hoping for a big show, hoping things will get worse, and by filming assuring that things will only get worse as it upsets the person further. What does it say about us that we would watch something like this and gloat over it, feel so Superior, and use it for entertainment? What kind of world it would be if instead of videoing it and hoping for some fireworks to post that instead somebody would intervene with a kind word to try to calm the situation instead? You can change hearts and minds much better with kindness than with shaming and aggravation. There is a best selling book out about a woman who even turned a murderer around by kindness.

  30. I was thinking the same thing. I would never have seen it coming but I was loading my groceries once and heard a clearly impaired and disheveled person screaming in the face of easily identified staff. It was a deep fear inside me that it would escalate that drove me to film it on my phone. Thank goodness the worst he did was spit on her shoes but I feared for her safety. He left soon after, bottle in hand as she sobbed.
    I checked on her and she was never going to forget it but she was going to be ok. I deleted the video without sharing it with anyone.
    Had he touched her, I’d have turned the video over to the police.
    Again, I don’t consider myself a drama girl but felt compelled to capture the moment in case it escalated.
    As for someone earlier suggesting that any one of us take glee in watching it play out, I say absolutely not. Mortified? Yes

  31. BABYCAKES, she may be mentally ill and she may need help, but we don’t know that. What we do know is that she is a racist – which is not excusable just because she may br mentally ill and/or struggling with substance abuse. It is not and should not be a free pass to be an asshole in a way that deeply and problematically affects others.
    The person on here “diagnosing” her is likely not a mental health professional at all, or they are an irresponsible one. Probably against licensing rules to dx with this little evidence/study.

  32. Two things can be true at once: 1) this person’s behavior is inexcusable, 2) this trend of shoving phones in people’s faces to record their most shameful moments, so that we can gleefully spectate and make self satisfied condemnations of them after the fact, is pretty darn ugly too.

  33. It would be very telling to match the political party of those accepting of her vile behavior (and opposed to the filming of it) with those who are calling her out regardless of what kind of day she was having.
    Dig deep and think about what type of human could rationalize such hate. Inclusion, acceptance and tolerance should be the expectation of humanity recognizing that we are all different and make up an amazing whole of unique and individual parts. That premise should never enable bigotry, racism or elitism. Her behavior was inexcusable but forgivable. I’d like to see her genuinely contrite about her actions.

  34. Videoing such occurrences gives them sunlight, and that ain’t a bad thing. There are people like this woman in all walks of life; how we deal with them matters. And I’d like to recommend the lobster roll at the Boathouse, for any of you impressed by their response.

  35. SAKJON: A quick google search reveals https://www.bbc.com/news/world-53588201 “Karen” has, in recent years, become a widespread meme referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman, who exhibits behaviours that stem from privilege. It is very much a race specific term. Even if it weren’t, it’s a label. It’s name calling. You’re on your soapbox screaming how evolved and progressive you are because you’re not a racist and this woman is, and yet you are no better than she is because the words you are using are racist labels.

  36. PIT – “You’re on your soapbox screaming how evolved and progressive you are because you’re not a racist and this woman is, and yet you are no better than she is because the words you are using are racist labels.” I’m not screaming anything, and I AM better than her because I’m not going on public racist rants. Calling someone a “Karen” is no where near the same as calling someone “one of four blacks” in SB or telling them to go “African American fishing” or whatever bizarre thing she said.
    Regardless, do you really feel that calling someone a racist is as bad as yelling racist slurs at someone? Really?

  37. BENE – “attacking and shaming them would have only made them far worse in the future” – where was this woman attacked or shamed? The guy filming kept calm and quiet as he filmed her making threats of violence and racist comments toward him. The employee she was yelling at just stood there calmly absorbing her viciousness. So again, who was attacking her? No one was doing anything other than observing and allowing her to threaten violence and spew racism.
    The act of filming a loud and angry argument is not “attacking” or shaming. It’s documenting evidence in case something worse happens. Who posts videos of arguments that are quietly resolved without threats of violence or racism? No one, that’s who. Similarly, had she not threatened violence and displayed her vile racism, this video never would have been posted.

  38. I see some saying “Let’s leave this well dressed mentally ill person alone – she’s having a bad day” in spite of her racists remarks. Had this been a homeless mentally ill person – the same people would have had an entirely different perception.

  39. Bene defending racist rants from the well-dressed, white, mentally ill lady – I don’t care what kind of day she was having – I don’t care that someone was engaging in the constitutionally protected activity of filming in public. You are defending her behavior.

  40. GT – you’re likely correct. Solo day drinking at the Boathouse doesn’t seem like a tourist or lower income local. Either way, blaming mental illness for everything from racism to gun violence is beginning to trend among our conservative friends. Easy to blame something over which you have no control! But, let’s not go down that rabbit hole here. I hope I don’t regret bringing it up!

  41. Bene 6:49, I get what you’re saying. I’ve struggled with this. But come out on the side, generally, of exposing nasty people.
    Again, I get it. We’re past the point of no return. Not sure how it will all come out, but read history, American and otherwise.
    We’ve been at terrible points before. The pendulum is always swinging. I detest where we are at, but may not be alive to see it swing back.
    We’re just homonoids on this planet. There are powers stronger than us, and a universe bigger than us. Best to all. (Hubris will get us.)

  42. Oops, I sounded all kinds of woo woo –NOT what I meant!
    Read American history — I am in no way conversant, I read more editorially, like Jill Lepore. The country has been here before and will come out of it — maybe.
    Bene, I appreciate you and your mindset. I strive for what you value.
    Sacjon, online time is destructive, even when you think you’re doing good. 🙂
    I wish us all well…

  43. Filming someone, especially if they are in a very humiliating moment, is most certainly shaming and incendiary. It’s likely that you know better and would feel ashamed yourself if someone filmed you when you were having an argument. If you are being honest and truly cannot understand this and would not feel ashamed yourself, you are not like most people, and I can’t help you with any further words. But can you truly say you are making it a better world and putting less hate into the world by having someon e who thinks badly of people of color now be even more angry at them because she thinks one filmed her for hoping for viral internet fame at her expense? Then she can go back and spread some more hate among her little racist group whatever they are and set off some more of them as well. She probably wouldn’t be violent herself, but putting more hate out sets off chain reactions. Or, another scenario, what if the filmer instead had seen two people arguing and tried to actually calm the situation rather than throw grease on the fire. Pretty sure its even hard for a racist to call someone names who is being nice, and even harder still for her then to carry a race grudge. If the filmer were white, she also would become more not less hateful and spread more hate into the world. BTW, do you think anyone who witnessed that brave African American serviceman who gave his life to jump in the river and save a drowning immigrant could remain a racist? That is why integration in schools was such a good idea. It is hard to hate anyone who you actually know or know in a positive light.

  44. There are no white knights for her. NO ONE could truly be on her side, got it? It is disingenuous of you to use this as a weopan against others who may disagree about tactics of dealing with people. People who are discussing this who are not wanting to call for a public hanging and getting out the dogs and torches to torch the vampire, are not on her side. If they are like me, they are apalled at the potential harm to OTHER people who may be innocent from people hoping for internet fame filming and inflaming. I personally know of a domestic violence victim who was screaming at her abuser and people thought she was the bad one. THere is potential for abuse with this phenomenon.

  45. “BTW, do you think anyone who witnessed that brave African American serviceman who gave his life to jump in the river and save a drowning immigrant could remain a racist?” – What? I don’t know what you’re even talking about anymore…..

  46. Do you really think some of the things you say, or just reaching for anything to use to make your points? Let’s get real here. She was sooooooo clearly being sarcastic!!! OBVIOUSLY, she was saying that to scorn the idea that he needed to be filming her. SHeesh!

  47. EastBeach, I detest this woman and her actions. But to be honest and to be moral I refuse to resort to lies just to prove a point or to do a “pile on” against an evildoer. In her case or anyone else’s. Most sixth graders even could figure out she was being sarcastic when saying he saved her life. She was clearly making a dig at his motives and lack of need for him to be filming.

  48. YinYang, you clearly are a person who sees the bigger picture and strives for good.
    Thank you for pointing out that there are powers stronger than us and a universe bigger than us. This is comforting and puts things in perspective.

  49. Bene at 5:41:
    You say: “Filming someone, especially if they are in a very humiliating moment, is most certainly shaming and incendiary. It’s likely that you know better and would feel ashamed yourself if someone filmed you when you were having an argument. If you are being honest and truly cannot understand this and would not feel ashamed yourself, you are not like most people, and I can’t help you with any further words. ”
    I say, as a minority, indeed, I cannot imagine and have never said anything that I am or ever was ashamed of!

  50. sacjon, your supposition that we do not know if she was being racist before the filming commenced, is one of the most illogical things I have ever heard. Her argument was about a restaurant bill and her argument was with a blonde lady. I think it’s clear that her racist remarks were directed at the filmer not the blonde lady. Therefore that clearly proves that the racist remarks only began when he got involved and started filming. Of course that does not excuse the racist remarks. But My original point had nothing to do with her racism, but to do with the general concept of filming people when it’s not clear they are committing or will commit a crime. The filmer could not have known she was going to go racist at the point he started filming. You ask how do I know this? My point above and also just watch the video and you’ll see that the video begins with her just arguing about a restaurant bill until she gets mad that he’s filming her. As for your repeated jabs at me that I would dare feel sorry for a racist, I’m not particularly feeling sorry for her as much as I am standing up for the general concept of not running around filming everything that people do. But now that you mention it, I probably should feel sorry for her because I feel sorry for murderers too. I feel sorry for anybody who has lost their way and is not living according to the highest good of society and their own soul. And in my experience, if you want to change somebody’s wrong thinking, kindness works better than self-righteous gloating and scolding.

  51. GT – it’s interesting (and illustrative) that you bring Lazano into this. Since she’s a PE teacher and was willing to be fired because she had gotten Covid and didn’t want the vaccine she’s somehow racist (or at least racists vote for her)? Is it because she’s a woman that has a different political leaning than you that you’ve railed so hard against her, or..what?

  52. As she leaves, belligerent lady’s last words to Ian are “… you saved her life …”. That is intent revealed and exactly why it was OK for Ian to be passively recording. I would have done the same to protect a co-worker.

  53. BENE – You’re assuming everything and ignoring actual facts. Another, very important, point you ignored – she mentioned, at least once, that she would have been “violent” (see 1:13 in the video) had the young man not been filming and then told him at the end he “saved [the employee’s] life” by being there.
    Still think he was in the wrong for documenting this and sharing it?

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