Leaf Blowers Worth Reporting

By an edhat reader

I had to report two leaf blowing incidents today. It is not okay to use a leaf blower to clean up ash. Ever. I don’t care whether or not it’s illegal, it is ignorant and dangerous to our health. And to those people who think dry sweeping is okay—it is not and is not all that useful. Mist it down first. Works far better.

Please immediately report leaf blowers to SBPD Dispatch: 882-8900.


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  1. I don’t mind leaf blowers to move natural debris around but when your using it to blow this ash away your not blowing it away your just blowing it to your neighbors home, in the street for cars to stir up or just stirring it up for people passing by to breathe in. I know for some of you the smoke and ash didn’t harm you but I have several customers that got really sick from ash inhalation and it’s no joke. Other people lives matter too not just yours what’s wrong with some of you!!!?

  2. I think the SBPD might be busy doing actual crime work. So, let’s take a deep breath (no pun intended). It’s going to be ok. The amount of time it would take you to file a police report, you could probably write a polite note to the property owner and ask them to instruct their gardeners. Perhaps the minimal precipitation was enough to ‘mist’ the ash so all leaf blowers are will be safe now. PS ~ gas blowers are prohibited, electric blowers are ok.

  3. I can tell you that it is a waste of time reporting. I think the most effective way to resolve this is with public shaming. People do this all the time and there are no immediate consequences. They pay for a gardener to blow dirt and whatever in their neighbors yard and the neighbor returns the favor a few days later. The only way to stop it is by providing a consequence for the guilty parties. Most gardeners use a blower for less than 5 minutes. If you called the emergency line about a man trying to break in your house you would likely not get a response in that amount of time. If they even respond it is going to be because they were already in the area… And maybe we could ask our police to enforce that ordinance proactively along the long list of other common sense regulations like you can’t park a RV bus in front of your home. I would speculate that the same logic is used for why the gardeners cannot be confronted. You don’t want to scare away all your “law abiding” informants. This sanctuary state stuff has consequences and like it or not this is one of them. If you say don’t worry about breaking into your home and then your asking the intruders to mow the lawn, don’t be surprised when you ask your new roomie to do the job neighborly and responsibly and they laugh in your face and reply “No se” This has nothing to do with DACA and everything to do with people hiring cheap labor that is not verified and allowing the labor to break whatever rules they can get away with. If there were actual fines for the land owners this would not be an issue. But we are all glad to complain to the police instead of making it unfashionable and embarrassing to polite your neighborhood.

  4. To get around all this legal vs illegal leaf blower business, we just bought a super powerful indoor/outdoor vac from Sears. We placed the suction hose on the exhaust port….voila…blow away your leaves and ash alllll day long without the “Barney” or “Betty” on your block callin’ in the heat.

  5. It is obvious to me that the city does not care about this issue. I was at Francheschie (spelling?) park this morning and witnessed a city worker using a leaf blower in the parking lot. The part that really got me was that it was sprinkling rain at the time. I have it on video.

  6. BOOKMAN, do you drive? You inhale more particulates from that activity than any leaf blower can force down your lungs. Heck you don’t even have to be driving, just have lunch at a nice curbside diner and all the stuff you’re worried about is naturally blown around by the typical road traffic. Just sayin’.

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