Lake Cachuma Visit

By TwoScoops

A visit to Lake Cachuma [recently] was so enjoyable.  We saw at the entrance a new sign, “ CAUTION:  Please be careful when setting up camp under or around an Oak Tree.  Oak Tree limbs, or the entire tree, may fall.”   That’s a sign of the times.

There was also a sign for the new restaurant, HOOK’d.  We asked at the entrance and they said you get two hours free if you have your ticket validated in the restaurant.  We did.  We had a wonderful breakfast there.  Delicious.  They said they are open 7 days a week.  They have televisions inside the restaurant for people who want to watch games over the weekend.  There is also patio dining, with a nice view of the lake.  Very relaxing.  

S.B. County is obviously putting a lot of effort into this lovely park and it shows.  Thank you!  And, the landscaping looks great; everything is clean.  We’re going back next weekend for a Lake Cachuma Nature Cruise.  How lucky we are for a staycation.


Written by TWOSCOOPS

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