Kyle’s Kitchen Feeds Special Needs Families

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Kyle’s Kitchen is on a mission to help feed special needs families during the coronavirus pandemic. To kick off their mission, Kyle’s Kitchen is donating 200 “Family Meals” to local families with special needs members, which will feed over 1,000 people!

While it’s a good start, it is still less than 10% of the 15,000 families with special needs in Santa Barbara County, which is why they created a GoFundMe campaign with the goal to raise $20,000 which will feed over 7,500 special needs family members. Kyle’s Kitchen will match all donations (up to $10,000) to double the impact and make a greater difference.

In today’s COVID-19 world, families with special needs children are dealing with a new reality that is creating incredible amounts of stress in the home. “Nearly every family we know with special needs is struggling right now. Their lives are uniquely challenging in normal times, but in today’s COVID-19 world, families with special needs children are dealing with a new reality that is creating incredible amounts of stress in the home,” says Deena Ferro, Kyle’s Mom, on why they created this program.

At the Ferro’s home, Kyle has been struggling. Special needs kids need structure. It’s very difficult to provide the same structure at home as they are accustomed to in school. Plus all parents aren’t available to help at home (the lucky ones are still working), and those that are available, often do not have the skills to fill in for their well trained special-ed teachers and aides. Most kids and adults with special needs also already have compromised immune systems, adding further risk and stress to the situation. The added stress created by all these factors is exceptionally difficult on these families, which is why Kyle’s is stepping in to help in the form of making their lives just a little easier even if for only one meal.

Kyle’s Kitchen is working with their existing partnerships with Special Needs organizations to distribute the free meals through digital gift cards so families can order online, and pick it up curbside or have it delivered. A safe “no-touch” transaction their whole family will truly appreciate. And while that’s a good start, Jay Ferro, Kyle’s Dad, knows there are more families in need.

“We are always trying to find families in our community that have special needs. We encourage the public to use the link on our website to request meals for special needs families they know that could use a safe and healthy meal during these times,” said Jay.

Kyle’s Kitchen recently created a Family Meal Deal that feeds 4-6 people for only $37. It’s healthy comfort food that the family will thoroughly enjoy. They receive their choice of 4 gourmet burgers made with grass-fed beef, 2 orders of house-made French fries, 1 large family size salad, and 4 warm garlic rolls. A big meal for a family in need.

While many restaurants are starting GoFundMe’s asking for help for their employees, Kyle’s Kitchen wanted to go beyond that to create a sustainable giving model. “We want to help the community closest to our hearts, the special needs families here in Santa Barbara County. At the same time we are able to keep our employees working and re-employ more members of our Kyle’s Kitchen employee family, whose own families are struggling due to the necessity for broad lay-offs that have had to occur during this coronavirus pandemic” explains Jay Ferro on why he believes this is a win-win program.

For anyone interested in supporting the cause you can donate here.

To request a meal for a special needs family, please use this form here.


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