Kids Jumping Off SBHS Roof into Pool

A group of juveniles was jumping off the roof of Santa Barbara High School into the swimming pool, SBPD is responding.


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  1. ROGER: Three guesses who will get sued! Remember that idiot girl a few years ago who fell through a skylight or something at Bishop Garcia Diego High School while illegal]y trespassing? She was injured and her bloodsucking parents sued the school for maintaining a public nuisance, and won a shit-ton of $$$. America—the land of opportunity!

  2. Yeah, me too. My friends and I used to go to a 4-story high apartment complex which was next to a smaller building that had a deep swimming pool. We used to jump from the roof of the tall building (5th floor) to the deep end of the pool next door. The distance from the edge of the pool to the edge of the roof was easily 15 feet, so you had to take a running leap, but you’d really cross quite a large distance as you fell, and we had to cross power lines that ran between the two buildings. I was 17 and completely insane at that age.

  3. The girl who fell through a skylight at Bishop Garcia High School in October of 2000 was a student. She and another student were walking across the roof carrying a ladder in order to take down signs after a homecoming rally. At the time of the incident (early afternoon), they were in full view of other students, some parents , and staff.
    It was negligent to allow students to be on the roof!
    It is a miracle that she even survived ! The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

  4. Perfect example of the ability of youth to evaluate risk vs. reward well. And yes, I’m as guilty as anyone: I once walked up & over a steel bridge structure in the rain, over a shallow creek on a dare. I’m eternally grateful that my stupidities before my brain was fully mature didn’t kill or maim me for life. They gave me perspective but not a lot of comfort when my own kids hit adolescence and became increasingly on their own.

  5. Sounds like fun times…. AND, at least they aren’t graffiti” ing or vandalizing, or stabbing each other, or up to other really BAD mischief, around the City (I know…. my sentence structure isn’t so good this morning!! kinda tired and burned out!)

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