Kids Find Theatre Solution with Radio Production

Source: InterAct Theatre School

Now for some good news which shows that children’s ingenuity, creativity and determination can save the day. When the children attending InterAct Theatre School’s musical production of ‘Broadway or Bust’ was cancelled in March due to COVID-19, many would simply have given up.  

They were just one week away from their show, with all rehearsals completed when the virus intervened and the InterAct Theatre School, Santa Barbara production was halted. However, the children vowed not to give up on the project. When it became clear that a stage production of ‘Broadway or Bust’ was not going to be possible for months, the musical was morphed into a radio play. 

The children recorded their lines on their smartphones and the whole project was mixed and edited into a half hour radio play instead. It’s a great short story, with a very talented cast. It’s an original script and it’s set here in Santa Barbara. You can listen to it below:

Having found a solution to the stage production, InterAct then went on to produce plans for a theater summer camp. Yet again it’s a change to their established format but still maintains all the fun and challenges of theater summer camp. There is a choice of either ‘online’ camp or an ‘in person’ camp for children age 7 to 14 and even an ‘online’ program for younger students age 4 to 6. Students numbers will be restricted in keeping with the COVID-19 guidelines and safety a priority.

At the time, the InterAct staff could hardly believe the halting of the March production could end up with positives. Now, with a new set of ‘online’ teaching skills and a fun summer camp to look forward to, there is a silver lining. The positivity and resilience of the children has been inspirational. They have adapted and overcome.

Bookings made previously will be honored. To register for summer camp, please visit and view the list of camp opportunities. Summer camp listings on the website should be updated by Wednesday June 10 but reservations may be made beforehand either by calling (805) 869 2348 or emailing


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