Keeping Up the Solstice Spirit

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By Steve Bissell

The Upcoming Missing  Spirit of Santa Barbara, California...and beyond.

Yes, Im still here. Just as colorful (I love color) I just wanted to leave a little fun reminder of a beautiful event that my family and visitors have always loved, it won't be happening this year, no surprise to anyone. So, I decided to just throw out a few positive colorful reminders of what will come again next year, with a vengeance! This is a VERY weird year, and we all are weary, but if politics and dog tics can sort out the mess and get rid of the blood suckers, the sweet colors of life can return here, at least.

Anyway, apologies for the politics, that never gets anywhere it seems, but screw it, we are born that way. I love the Gentle People, the ones like the Solstice Folks that give SO MUCH to ALL of us ... FREE! The happy players, the planners and the participants. Those folks are insanely talented and tireless and have built something special here in good ole S.B. If that was not true, how do you account for SO many welcome, stoked visitors? We all love this almost unique phenomenon, dancing in the streets of our beautiful Santa Barbara, "sweet summer sweat" as the Eagles sang and discovered in the classic record "Hotel California."


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