Judge Rules Nicolas Holzer Was Sane When Murdering Family

Source: Santa Barbara County District Attorney

Re: People v. Nicolas Holzer: Case No. 1470650

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley announced today that having previously been found guilty of four counts of first degree murder and one count of felony animal cruelty, Judge Brian Hill, after a five week sanity trial, ruled that defendant Nicolas Holzer was sane on August 11, 2014, when he killed his parents; 73 year old William Holzer and 74 year old Sheila Holzer, as well as his children; 13 year old Sebastian Holzer and 10 year old Vincent Holzer and the family dog, Dixie.

District Attorney Joyce E. Dudley stated, “This horrible murder deeply affected not just the loved ones of the Holzer family but our entire community. Sergeant Rob Minter of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office conducted an outstanding investigation, under the worst of all possible conditions. Veteran Prosecutor Ron Zonen, widely known as the foremost trial lawyer in our county, led the prosecution team with help from attorneys Lena Alker and Dayton Aldrich. Hopefully this just ruling can bring some sense of peace and justice to those who are still suffering from this horrendous crime.”

Mr. Holzer will next appear in court on August 24, 2018 for sentencing.  It is expected that he will be sentenced to State Prison for the balance of his life.

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