Isla Vista and UCSB Community Prepares for Deltopia 

Source: External Vice President for Local Affairs (EVPLA) / Associated Students of UCSB

Isla Vista is a Beloved Community that many call home and whose many residents want to continue to thrive. Associated Students of UCSB along with dozens of community and campus entities have launched a collaborative effort to keep Isla Vista safe and local on Saturday, April 2nd by helping to reduce harm and mitigate safety concerns around street parties and COVID-19, especially for those participating in what has been known as Deltopia in Isla Vista.

“Staying safe and healthy requires a true community effort. It’s up to each of us, individually and collectively, to take actions that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community,” said UCSB’s Associated Students Vice President for Local Affairs, Shannon Sweeney.

With the goal of helping to keep the Isla Vista community safe throughout the weekend while having fun, entities are providing alternatives to the party scene and information and resources for students and other community members to be able to make the best decisions possible the weekend of April 1-3 and beyond.

Alternative events taking place this weekend Include a roller skating party, a community festival and a nighttime concert. Information is being shared about the closures of streets and beaches, available community resources, health and safety information, and education about temporary laws in effect. This is part of a multi-year community effort to positively respond to the annual unsanctioned street party.   

In addition to concerns about the risks and impacts of heavy partying, including excessive alcohol and drug use, Sweeney noted, “We also want to remind the community that we are not yet done with the COVID pandemic. Isla Vista is a densely compacted area and we need to remember that the start of spring is not the moment for us to go back on all the progress we have made on containing and slowing down the spread of this virus. Please join us to Keep it Local, Keep it Safe in Isla Vista this weekend.” Masks are required at indoor events.

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  1. Seems more like dystopia than anything. Personal freedom has been sacrificed in favor or a “safer” and more regimented way of life. I’m afraid UCSB’s day in the sun has come and gone. Creative young people looking for opportunity to improve their lives will go elsewhere if they value making decisions for themselves.

  2. The ucsb kids have always partied, and always will. Unfortunately, these days the GVCH ER gets inundated with passed out/falling over drunks consistently on weekends. I know this from people who work there. It’s a sad situation, not to mention a massive waste of medical resources. It won’t be any different this weekend, beaches open or not.
    Back in the day people would drink too many meisterchou’s or whatever, and just barf it out somewhere, wake up w a big headache the next day, but never go the the emergency room. Either the kids are too ready to call 911 instead of just sucking it up, or they’re drinking/drugging way way more than they used to.

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