Investigation Continues in Haskells Beach Oil Spill

Investigation Continues in Haskells Beach Oil Spill title=
Investigation Continues in Haskells Beach Oil Spill
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Source: City of Goleta

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife Office of Spill Prevention and Response has issued the below press release about continuing the investigation into the oil release that occurred on May 28, 2019, from Pier 421-2.

Unified Command to oversee and monitor excavation into root cause of 421 Pier Release

Goleta, CA – The investigation has resumed into the cause of the May 28, 2019, 421 Pier Release, reestablishing the Unified Command. 

The State Lands Commission and its agents, in coordination with the City of Goleta, the Department of Fish Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response, and the United States Coast Guard, have continued to investigate the May 2019, oil release from the Pier 421-2 caisson adjacent to the Sand Piper Golf Course. The initial response lasted roughly five days and was concluded June 1, 2019.

On Wed., July 3, 2019, the Commission, working with a third party, will assess the source of the discharge by excavating outside of the caisson during the low tide in the early morning hours. The goal of the operation is to help the U.C. identify a point source for the 421 Pier Release and identify any potential discharges related to the incident.

Since the release, the Commission and its agents have investigated the interior of the caisson for oil (by coring) and have found no “free oil” (only an oil soil mix). The oil that was released and has repeatedly surfaced is identified as “weathered” because the lighter chemical compounds have broken down or evaporated over long periods of time. Continued sampling of oil surfacing on the beach outside of the caisson has been tested and the oil from the release is not matching the oil from the production zone of the well. The oil surfacing on the beach outside of the caisson, however, does have the same chemical characteristics as the oil sampled during the release. 

Unified Command continues to work with local Tribal governments regarding potential cultural and sensitive sites along the coastline.  

The Unified Command will update stakeholders as the work evolves and as additional information is gathered. The Unified Command’s goal is to ensure that the plug and abandonment operations progress and that the eventual decommissioning and removal of the piers and remaining infrastructure will not pose a health and safety threat or a threat to the environment.

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a-1571597826 Jul 04, 2019 12:09 AM
Investigation Continues in Haskells Beach Oil Spill

Turpentine is highly flammable and reeks. Best to use any type of veggie oil. WD-40 (smelly, too) and dish detergent are okay to use, but growing up in Santa Barbara we've found veg oil does the job just fine.

a-1571597826 Jul 02, 2019 12:14 PM
Investigation Continues in Haskells Beach Oil Spill

That gang of investigators is going to have a great old time after their stroll, wielding the butter knife and veggie oil, as they struggle to remove the tar off their shoes.

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