Incorrect News Reports on Local Storms

By an edhat reader

Not long after the storms began last week, some small and big time news publications were running with a wildly inaccurate story about the local area.

“14 Dead in Montecito,” titles stated. It was really 14 people died throughout the state and Montecito was entirely evacuated, but no one died here thankfully.

I assumed local media would pick up the story but everyone was pretty busy during the storms. I asked around and others said they had read it too, one even said a local official had been contacted to give statments on the multiple casualties in Montecito.

The reporting ranged from the dredgery of TMZ all the way to MSNBC, allegedly. The stories have since been corrected or taken down but below is an audio clip from TMZ’s “reporting.”

Thought others would find is interesting.


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  1. I think people in places such as the Midwest and Deep South really, really want to believe anything bad about California, to their way of thinking, “Land of the fruits, nuts and flakes”. They’d hate to think that the miseries they live with are often due to the leaders they elect and way their disease-enhancing choices such as inadequate exercise and poor diet. It’s a classic example of making yourself feel better by putting someone else down.

  2. We should note that the attention paid to Montecito is out of proportion altogether. It is only because “celebrities” live there. This community is rich and can care for its needs without charity or government subsidy but both are disproportionately evident. It would be nice if the people of that community donated some of the largess to the less fortunate nearby (maybe the local farm workers). PS I was a resident of Montecito for decades so this suggestion is founded in experience.

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