Impromptu Beach Wedding

By an edhat reader

My friends and I were at Shoreline Beach last Saturday and suddenly found ourselves and our dogs “attending” a Cowboy w/ Scottish Bagpiper themed wedding ceremony.

This illustrates how you never know what fun event is going to find you, no matter where you are in Santa Barbara. All of our dogs were ultra-obedient and played in the surf, not disturbing the celebration. The dogs didn’t even turn a hair when the bagpipes wailed, much to our surprise.

The Bride’s dress was lovely. Thank goodness there was no tar on the beach, because the beautiful long lacy train on the dress was dragging across the sand  might have got ruined.

Best wishes to the Bride and congratulations to the Groom (that’s him in the maroon shirt). (And, no, that’s not a “dog pile” in the foreground of the photo. It is a mound of seaweed.)


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  1. OMG! A wedding with bagpipes on a public beach! Have they no shame? Bad enough to hold them in churches or courthouses. Before you know it people will be holding divorce ceremonies in saloons and yoga studios. A slippery slope to birthday parties in bowling alleys or citizens napping on transit buses.

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