ICE Arrests 22 Undocumented Immigrants in Santa Barbara County

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement photo

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 162 undocumented immigrants during a three-day enforcement operation in Southern California that targeted those with previous criminal convictions. 22 of these arrests took place in Santa Barbara County and 8 in Ventura County.

In a public statement, ICE stated they were targeting “at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives, and aliens released back into the community after detainers filed by ICE with local law enforcement officials were ignored.”

The agency reported almost 90% of those arrested had criminal convictions and stated these people were public safety threats. 

“At-large criminal alien arrests are among the most dangerous types of enforcement actions ICE officers are engaged in daily basis,” said David Marin, Field Office Director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Los Angeles. “Thanks to their remarkable efforts, there are 143 fewer criminals on the streets. We will continue to dedicate more resources to conduct at-large arrests to ensure the safety of the law-abiding citizens of our Southland communities.”

A 50-year-old Mexican national was reportedly arrested in Santa Barbara on June 10. According to ICE, he has a prior conviction for Assault with Intent to Commit Rape and was sentenced to two years confinement. This case has been accepted for federal prosecution under 8 USC 1326 for Reentry of a Previously Removed Criminal Alien. ICE reports DHS databases indicate this individual was released by local authorities despite an ICE detainer.

Of those arrested in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties, 157 were men and 5 were women. The majority of undocumented immigrants were from Mexico while others were from El Salvador, Guatemala, Iran, Peru, Philippines, and Romania.

In their statement, ICE explained their enforcement resources focus on individuals who pose a threat to security and safety, however, they expressed that anyone who is violating immigration laws is subject to arrest.

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  1. Don’t think they can. ICE requestS a hold, and to be notified when people on their list are about to be released. But thanks to good old Jerry and his group, the requests are ignored, and the criminals are released to continue where they continue to do their “work”, illegally, in our country.

  2. He refuses to cooperate with ICE, with reference to illegals who have also been responsible for other crimes, and should be deported, at the very least. Sadly, most of the people who voted him back in, probably weren’t born when he was governor the first time. He had PROMISED he wouldn’t run for president, and as soon as he was sworn in as governor, he began his campaign for President of the U.S. Spent more time out of the state campaigning for President, than he did in California presiding as Governor. Needless to say I never voted for him for Governor. Didn’t believe him the first time, and after that never did trust him.

  3. “A 50-year-old Mexican national was reportedly arrested in Santa Barbara on June 10. According to ICE, he has a prior conviction for Assault with Intent to Commit Rape and was sentenced to two years confinement. ”
    And the Sanctuary State let him back onto the streets instead of informing ICE? Anyone responsible for that decision should be behind bars.

  4. I’d just like to say I love how Santa Barbarians can discuss this and focus the outrage on the crime, and the policies of elected officials who have allowed this problem with illegal immigrants to grow to the point the feds are needed to step in and enforce the laws. Not one single comment directed toward a people other than Mr 50 year old rapist guy, who deserves derision by all. Not one single banned comment, just adult discussion on the enforcement by the US gov’t to protect our American borders. Take that, Poder.

  5. You mean like don’t have a sanctuary state, or cities? Don’t pay for their basic health care? Don’t hire them? Don’t have their newborns be automatic American citizens, if neither parent is not already a U.S. citizen? What incentives would you like to see removed? “Take all incentives away…” is a VERY broad statement. And, how do you propose that any country take 100% responsibility for each of their citizens.

  6. He probably would (and does) have some influence on those who are responsible for California laws. He should at least speak out against California being a ‘sanctuary state’. He still represents Californians. And, should help to defend our state against illegal people entering the United States, as a member of the National Congress

  7. Local law-enforcement must inform the public whenever they release into our community a criminal wanted by ICE. Because they refuse to protect the public, the decision maker(s) should find another line of work. They are neither serving or protecting. Imagine the liability they are creating for the County and City if one of the released commits a homicide as was perpetrated in San Francisco by that multiple deportee illegal re-entrant.

  8. The release of criminal illegal immigrants by state and local police when ICE has requested that they be held for their crimes shows a complete disregard for the community and the rule of law.
    So much for this so-called “sanctuary state.” Sad situation that we are forced to put up with.

  9. Absolutely the right thing to do! It’s a start. Now do it every week. Moon Beam’s sanctuary policy is the worst. So is he. So glad he’s termed out !!! We are the laughing stock of the rest of the country. Think about that next time you think the Tweeter in the White House has it wrong.

  10. I support immigration but there is a social contract that requires good behavior. Specifically you must follow our laws and not commit crimes. I not talking about non-compliance “crimes” like lacking car insurance or not declaring or paying taxes on income. I am talking about crimes with direct victims like assault, robbery, burglary, rape, car theft, car jacking , kidnapping etc. If you are convicted of one of these crimes then I say one and done. The local police should fully cooperate with the Federal law enforcement.

  11. Let’s get something straight. They are “criminals” just by the very fact that they are here, according to our laws. Can you imagine if we, all of us, decided to start flaunting particular laws because we were “looking for a better life”? Seriously??? I’m pretty sure, too, that if I were caught, skulking around another country’s border, late at night with my children that I would be prosecuted for child endangerment/neglect. How is it our fault that these people are putting their children in such egregious danger?!??

  12. Yes, these are Mexican nationals committing these crimes, in this case.. Best way to describe these bad actors; by their citizenship identification. Or whatever other citizenship identification they currently possess. If they are home grown US citizens, we need to know this too.

  13. Agreed, but do you REALLY think Jerry Brown, Salud Carbajal , Hannah Beth Jackson, Cathy Murillo would adopt an idea that would potentially take away the perceived “Hispanic Vote” and be oh so politically UN correct and do the RIGHT thing…? I think not- The Media and newspeak politically correct machine that is in place, throws common sense and law on the books right out the window!

  14. Funny that a couple comments here posted the race card by using the tern “Illegal” which is considered a racial slur I have used the word myself before but not since I found it to be offensive though it doesn’t seem to be here.

  15. I admit I still think of ‘illegal’ as a term to describe something done illegally, and to refer to anyone, from any country, or of any race, who is in our country without having gone through the legal process to allow them in our country. That is why I still tend to refer to anyone not here legally as an ‘illegal’ person. I probably always will, and hope that it doesn’t offend anyone, as it isn’t my intention to offend. It has nothing to do with race for me. And, other countries are far less tolerant of people being in their country illegally than the U.S. is. There are some countries I would be afraid to be in, or even near the border of, even if I had all the necessary paperwork needed to be in their country legally. There are other words I do consider to be racial slurs that I, personally, choose not to use… and don’t care to hear (or read) from anyone.

  16. I researched it after saying the term directly to someone who was now an American citizen and offending them so I did not know either I actually don’t like to offend Folks although I do saying things off the top of my head, hit too much…Illegal is not a race either are other racial slurs it was noted as a racial slur many years ago not recently.

  17. The politically correct “new-speak” of our media determine what is acceptable and not acceptable vocabulary- The lemmings simply follow willingly. I am with you. You can make a turd a chocolate and visa-versa. Laws are laws and as long as WE (legal, taxpaying citizens) are subsidizing those here Illegally, I will refer to them as ILLEGALS.

  18. It’s not new-speak nor was it discovered by the media but since you seem to THINK you know EVERYTHING you can figure it out for yourself. Maybe if you repeak it a few more times even you will believe it like someone else we know.

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