How Naturalized is Your Garden?

By TwoScoops

Time for gardening!  Rain has helped, and Spring is warming things up.

Do you have bulbs or other plants that come up year after year?  I do.  And, it keeps evolving.  Right now, I have 4 sunflower plants that are growing.  I do welcome wild birds, so they might have helped along the way, in and out of  the digestion track.  We allow plants that blow in with the wind or brought in by birds. Irregular groups or individuals are scattered across our landscape.  Most everything is welcome to grow.  Our garden is random and naturalized.  If birds bring the seeds, and the plants grow, then there’s more food for the birds.  They know what they like.  

We removed all grass from our yard several years ago.  We mostly left open areas for volunteer plants, and it has been very exciting to see what has happened.  We don’t strangle nature into compliance of some master plan in our heads.  Waiting to see what happens is not all bad.  Patience helps, too.


Written by TWOSCOOPS

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