Homeless Camp Fire on Butterfly Beach

By John Palminteri

What looked like A BONFIRE on Butterfly Beach in Montecito Monday night at 8 p.m. was started by a man clearing out abandoned items from a homeless camp.  He did not want to haul the stuff out. Fires, even on the beach are not allowed in Montecito. The Sheriff’s dept. was called.


Written by Primetime

Legendary reporter and man on the street, John Palminteri

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  1. Eh… was this really a “Homeless Camp Fire,” or as the article says, it was fire a man made with trash from a homeless camp. Watching the video, looks like HOMED man burning things he pulled from a homeless camp.

  2. Yet another “houseless neighbor” incident involving fire and the typical defenders of bad behavior making their voices heard. Same as usual.
    We just had a nice blaze out here in west Goleta on Storke Road on the south of the 101 freeway overpass. ANOTHER blaze. The community is getting tired of this.
    I believe it was reported last Friday that the SBSO had apprehended the “houseless neighbor” arsonist by Los Carneros. If so, try this guy to the fullest.
    On a more ominous tone to the matter, certain pro-“houseless neighbor” movements in town have been providing their “constituents” with anarchist literature on how to disrupt communities and one of the tactics discussed in these pamphlets just happens to be arson.
    These fires occuring, there is a pattern to them, that cannot be denied. They are either set to burn out other encampments, intimidate homeowners or out of a temper tantrum by somebody upset that they are not getting their way.
    There hasn’t been a need for “warming fires” since the weather has been much more pleasant, this only leaves one other intent: ARSON.
    If arson is the case, arrest and prosecute. The community is getting fed up, this needs to stop.

  3. If most of us want to build a small fire next to the ocean to roast some marshmallows we will be fined in a hot minute….. Why are the houseless allowed to camp & build so called warming fires anywhere they please no matter how dangerous …or that we are in dry fire season ???

  4. I’m not wishing for it, but I think it will take one of these fires burning down a housing tract or two in the middle of the night and killing somebody. CA has 1/5 of the “homeless” in the nation. Makes sense: Who’d prefer Oklahoma, Mississippi or Toledo? We have nice weather, sympathetic residents, no enforcement of vagrancy laws, incarceration for criminal behavior or custodial care for the mentally ill: Big Rock Candy Mountain.

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