Highway 101 Gaviota Rest Area Closes Shortly After Reopening Due to Water Issues

Gaviota Roadside Rest Area (caltrans photo)

Update by Caltrans
2:00 p.m., November 21, 2023

The northbound #US101 Gaviota Rest Area in Santa Barbara County was closed today due to unforeseen mechanical issues in the water supply outside of Caltrans control.

There is no estimated on when the rest area will re-open.

The northbound US 101 Gaviota Roadside Rest Area will re-open on Tuesday, November 21 by 12 noon.

This opening follows major renovations of the Wastewater and Electrical Systems and repairs to water lines which service this facility.

The southbound Gaviota Rest Area is expected to re-open next Spring following the completion of the current emergency slope repair/retaining wall project just north of this rest area.  The contractor for this $4.6 million project was Specialty Construction of San Luis Obispo, CA.

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  1. What was that almost 10 years closed? What a joke and embarrassment for caltrans and the state of CA – what took you all that long for just a rest stop bathroom renovation? Seriously, taxpayers have skin in this game. Let’s hear it…

  2. Pathetic is the way of the average California voter that wants to support the current “regime” and hasn’t spent enough time looking at other places on the US or elsewhere, where basic jobs like this just get done and people who pay their taxes get value out of it.

  3. That rest stop is the most dangerous rest stop I have ever come across travelling.
    When it used to be open, people would run into each other because the slow down spot is so short.
    I remember semi-trucks backed up into the right lane of the highway trying to get in,
    then trying to get up to speed uphill northbound which is a cluster fuck all on its own..
    Complete stupidity Caltrans.

  4. This is beyond pathetic!
    If anybody needed any more proof of how ridiculous, inefficient, incompetent and wasteful administrations are: this is the proof!
    After 1 1/2 years of closure the “rest area” reopened about 1 year ago, and then SIX weeks later it closed AGAIN for 10 months, reopened for what ? 5 minutes and is now closed again: and this grotesque circus will just repeat itself indefinitely!

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