High Speed Crash on Shoreline Drive

By an edhat reader

Solo driver at high speed hits parked car head-on at the intersection of Shoreline and Santa Cruz Blvd on Saturday (May 27) at 8:00 p.m.

No word if the driver was DUI, there was no story was ever reported. Shoreline drive was closed for a couple hours.


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  1. Gnarly! There’s a pretty big dip in the road right there too on Shoreline. I grew up right there and over the years it’s been funny to hear and watch the speeders ‘bottom out’ there. I wonder if this unlucky driver was launched into the pole after catching air at 50mph.

  2. My car was the parked car that was destroyed. The driver was observed at a huge rate of speed going eastbound on Shoreline. He was crossing back and forth over the double yellow and the couple driving westbound that had to swerve onto Loyola Dr to avoid being hit head-on estimated his speed at well over 60mph. There were approximately 80′ of skid marks coming from the eastbound lane and directly into where my Suburban was parked. He hit with enough force to launch my 6000lb car over the sidewalk, through a palm tree, into my neighbor’s retaining wall, and a further 40′ to where it came to rest across my neighbor’s driveway apron. The driver’s vehicle came to rest on top of the Santa Cruz/Shoreline street sign, approximately 200′ from the point of collision. Driver was in and out consciousness, but not communicating. Fire Department pulled him out and AMR took him away. Police presumed DUI, and while I don’t know the specifics he has been arrested and charged.
    As a resident along Shoreline, I can tell you that speeding vehicles is a MAJOR safety concern and incredibly regular occurrence. I and all of my neighbors have spent years asking the PD to increase enforcement. We have also lobbied the City and Council to plan for some kind of traffic calming installations. The PD is woefully understaffed, as we all know, so I can understand their difficulty in getting a handle on it with any regularity. The fact that I’ve never so much as received a form letter response from Councilman Mike Jordan is on the other hand inexplicable.
    For the sake of my kids, all the other kids coming and going, and ALL the other pedestrians and bicyclists enjoying the wonderful access we all have to such beautiful parks and beach access…. DRIVE SAFELY AND OBSERVE THE FREAKING SPEED LIMITS!!!!!

    • Interesting. I live on W. Valerio and I’ve gotten responses from Mike Jordan multiple times when I’ve contacted him about traffic and such. The residents of W. Valerio have successfully petitioned to get additional speed humps installed during this process of re-paving (required a majority of residents’ signatures). I guess, keep trying? Speed humps would be great there, particularly because of its proximity to an elementary school.

    • My, sympathies, also.
      When I worked in construction more than a decade ago. Before getting more into IT, I had the pleasure of working on the remodel of the house right above Thousand Steps. Every single day at least twice per day, it seemed cars would bottom out there. You could almost stand near there and wait for it to happen. The construction crew would loudly state “otro!?!?” which means “another-one?!?!”
      They should have installed several gradually-increasing-and-sequential sets of speed humps in both directions. Decades ago (NOT SPEED BUMPS, speed humps, there is a big difference)!
      Litigious measures may be the only and most effective way to amend this situation. SBC has data to show where most accidents happen. I am sorry to say this, yet it seems historically, City Governments, only installs flashing-light-crossings {for example) ’till someone sadly suffers a great or ultimate loss, or they get in to a costly court case. I hope you are compensated for the loss of your vehicle. And, that this “pitfall” is remedied.
      It’s a miracle no other property damage occured. The Suburban, by it’s massiveness, may have absorbed most of the impact and prevented a chain reaction bywhere a “domino-effect” was potentially prevented for other vehicle parked on Shorleine Dr.

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