Have You Had Your Art Today?

Source: Arts for Humanity!

Arts for Humanity! is easing the strain of these challenging times by providing creative opportunities that spark the imagination and soothe the soul. Our free resource, “Have You Had Your Art Today?”, offers curated virtual experiences that bring the creative arts directly to the lives of our community
members, and is available to anyone who has access to the internet.

“Have You Had Your Art Today?” is an invitation to be engaged and inspired by the abundance of talent and innovation in the world of arts. This service provides virtual resources compiled into easily accessible categories for our community!

COVID-19 continues to affect our local non-profits and services for youth, resulting in on-site, in-person programs being temporarily closed. In times of crises, we need humanity, expression, and the community that the arts create. We have always worked to use the arts to empower and serve, “Have You Had Your Art Today?” mobilizes our mission as we reach both young and old across a wide, diverse audience.

The public is invited to explore, learn, and be inspired by the resources provided by Arts for Humanity! through “Have You Had Your Art Today?”
● Creative Virtual Opportunities: includes uplifting, well-researched art tutorials, inspirational
performances, heartwarming stories, inspiring talks, kool stuff, and classes in poetry,
dance, and yoga.
● Creative Storytelling: invites the community to participate in an interactive public forum where one
can share a story, poem, phrase and visual imagery. Our inner life and dreams are vital, our hope is
that this forum will cultivate a place for voices to be heard and a collective community
to be fostered.

Please spread the word about “Have You Had Your Art Today?” , a wonderful virtual arts opportunity from Arts for Humanity!. We think that is has the potential to benefit anyone who accesses it on our website at www.artsforhumanity.com/have-you-had-your-art-today

Founded in 1997, Arts for Humanity! is a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit that provides Expressive Arts Programs for marginalized, under-served community members at no charge through partnerships with local nonprofits, artists, and college interns. Arts for Humanity! provides Community Arts Programs in partnership with Social Good Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), and operates under their umbrella.


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