Hands Off My Dessert

Dear Edda,

I recently attended a socially-distant potluck dinner at the home of some new friends. Before all of the guests had arrived, two of them were talking about one of the others who hadn’t arrived yet, and how they didn’t feel like he was taking the whole distancing thing seriously. Apparently, he thinks nothing of flying across country and back between his two homes.

Well, after dinner, I was standing by the dessert table, dishing a piece of cake onto my plate. There was a wobble, and that very guy put his hand on the piece of cake to steady it and assist it onto my plate! I was appalled but didn’t say anything. I sat back down and proceeded to not eat the cake. Then the young couple who had made the cake became concerned that I wasn’t eating it. I made a really dumb excuse, but I felt bad.

What should I have done?

Just a Polite Guy


Dear Polite Guy,

We live in a society where politeness sometimes trumps (pardon the expression) taking a stand. In my book, if someone I didn’t know put their hands on my food on a good day, I probably would take a pass on eating it. But I think you were definitely within reason considering the current state of pandemic.

Should you have said something? Would it have changed the man’s mind or behavior going forward?

That’s a tough one. As for the bakers, I’m sure they’ve already forgotten about it.


Edda is not a medical professional but a local lady who loves to give out advice, even when it’s not asked of her. Submit your question to ed@edhat.com for Edda to answer.


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  1. USAinRUINS – I’m not sure.. But I guess…maybe slightly childish? I feel pretty confident though that our President and our school board deserve quite a few “digs”… so… I’m going to remain slightly childish and continue to bash them both in every thread I pop into no matter how off topic (though I thought i tied it in decently there… I mean, it’s a good thing to have and follow some social norms. Many of our politicians would be well served to remember that and simply and politely say “thank you” and not eat the damn cake instead of making a scene… most notably right now of course the President. Possibly the most important aspect of being President, is being and acting PRESIDENTIAL! Kind of like the main thing about being on the school board is, you know, actually working and trying to do what’s best for our kids. I know…Crazy concepts!!)

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