Hail Storm Fills Streets

Hail Storm Fills Streets title=
Hail in Santa Barbara's Westside neighborhood (Photo by Tyler, edhat reader)
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Edhat readers share photos and video of a passing hail storm over Santa Barbara Wednesday evening.

By Tyler

We live on the Westside and it hailed a lot. Here are some photos and videos from around 8pm.

By an edhat reader

That 20-minute hail storm around 8pm was unreal. The most intense I've experienced in SB in years. 

By Andrew

Lots of snow on the corner of Castillo & Islay! This is so rare in this area, I am shocked.

By Carol

Hail on 1900 block of Robbins St.

By an edhat reader

Hail is still here in our yard as of 7am this morning.


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Shasta Guy Mar 11, 2021 09:08 PM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

As we were doing our Bible study over Zoom with several people all over the city, one-by-one everyone started to remark about the hail. We could hear it from their Zoom window and it eventually started falling at our house. A remarkable event indeed.

Ando43 Mar 11, 2021 02:23 PM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

Great photos and that video was awesome!! Thanks for sharing : )

Minibeast Mar 11, 2021 11:01 AM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

Thank you Edhatters for photos and video. Amazing to see. This morning (around 9:00 a.m.) there were still pockets of ice/snow lining the sides of creeks in Goleta.

mtndriver Mar 11, 2021 08:57 AM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

Up here in the foothills we had a tiny bit of rain, nothing more. And it snowed on the Pass. Quite varied!

Shasta Guy Mar 11, 2021 07:43 AM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

My son just sent a photo from downtown off of E. Canon Perdido, and there is still some hail on the ground that didn’t melt overnight.

ChemicalSuperFreak Mar 10, 2021 11:12 PM
Hail Storm Fills Streets

It really came down hard here in Goleta. Sounded like gravel was being dumped on the roof.

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